The Education That $62,000 per Year Buys You


For the low, low price of $62,046, your child can attend Brown University to learn crucial facts of life, like this:

By putting menstrual products in women’s, men’s and gender-inclusive bathrooms, Nguyen’s campaign highlights an often-ignored fact: Not all people who menstruate are women. “We wanted to set a tone of trans-inclusivity, and not forget that they’re an important part of the population,” he says.

In a fantastic two-fer, Newsweek proves the quality of its reporting by labeling as “fact” the absurdity that “not all people who menstruate are women.”

On the bright side, now that Brown students have resolved the pressing problem that low-income Ivy League male students who menstruate cannot afford, umm, “feminine hygiene products,” we can conclude that Western Civilization has reached its intellectually menopausal phase.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “low, low price of $62,046″

    Unless I misread their online financials, Brown’s “discount rate” is 28%. That means that 28% of the 62K goes for “scholarships” for other students. You could say that the “real tuition” is 45K. Nationwide, the discount rate at private colleges averages 48%.

  • Raymond Carter

    I do think there is a Wizard somewhere controlling these crazies wondering “how far can I push these morons before they get the joke”.
    The 21st century West (with notable pushback) is Spengler come to life.

  • Joe Smith

    15-16 – Gross price was $65K and change..but discount only applies to a percent of the population..Brown is one of those “spread a lot among less”type of schools because they can count on a steady flow of 1% er children..

    So, only 45% of students get grant aid (the kind you don’t pay back), but the average is almost you really have a split where half the students are paying in the low 20K and the rest are the full boat..

    I think the responses to the internal Brown story nailed it..

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Many private colleges are being endangered by discounting:

      The Boston Globe did an article a few months ago about local colleges likely to disappear in the next few years. Wheaton College is the one that comes to mind. Poor Wheaton, as kids we would park in the parking lot, flash our lights, and the girls would undress in the windows.

      • Raymond Carter

        For those who dismiss as hyperbole my warnings that the never-Trumpers may, if “succsessful” , bring about a Stalinist state as soon as next year there is this item:
        Yesterday, in a Michigan case, the Supreme Court ruled that Michigan must reinstate its master lever voting system because essentially black people are too stupid to know how to vote for individual candidates. From the Wash. Post:

        “The Supreme Court on Friday refused to let Michigan enforce a ban on
        casting straight-ticket ballots in the coming election after lower
        courts found the prohibition was likely to discriminate against African
        Americans and result in long lines at the polls.”

      • Joe Smith

        Rhett – I think that’s more a reflection on the school. Discounting is essentially price discrimination except you have to start with one published price. That fact some schools are in danger reflects more on the financial viability of the school, not the practice.

        Look at Roger Williams with its big “tuition freeze” from its liberal progressive president..they simply now have one of the highest room and board costs and retained a few more kids in the short-term (they had a terrible retention rate), but still have one of the highest “net prices” despite lowering their discounting given the freeze.

        Once the “gimmick” factor is done, people still consider the product. Saturn’s no haggle policy worked for a bit and (along with marketing) did give a niche/brand loyalty, but that faded once the product didn’t keep up.

        There is probably an oversupply of colleges anyway,

  • Tiredof thegames

    Perhaps if more people self-identify as Black/Hispanic/Poor or other in the Census we can get away from the government putting people in bins and get on with life.