The Guidelines for Thee


Notice anything about the WPRI article headlined, “Officials remind Rhode Islanders of guidelines to follow during Labor Day Weekend“?  Even though it has a large emphasis on Block Island, and even though it quotes Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo several times preaching instruction for Rhode Islanders, the story makes no mention of the recent scandal of this very same governor at that very same vacation spot failing to follow her very own rules.

Keep in mind that Governor Raimondo is maintaining an online list to shame businesses into following her diktats around COVID-19, along with a good-doggy list for businesses that received an inspector’s pat on the head in the past week.  Observe that the shame list is more prominent, that it is HTML, not a PDF, and is therefore more likely to be captured in online searches and Internet archives, and that there does not appear to be any method for or intent toward removing businesses from the shame list even after they’ve been beaten into submission and complied.

Rhode Islanders should read through some of the “compliance orders.”  The tone of the high school hall monitor is strong in them, with complaints about a failure to display the governor’s compliance poster and other detailed new rules that Raimondo has unilaterally imposed.

Some of the language is coldly chilling.  The inspectors’ observations are framed as “allegations,” and it is up to the business owner, who is undoubtedly struggling during this pandemic, to “rebut the allegations.”  Here’s another chilling phrase of bureaucratic totalitarianism that appears repeatedly in various forms: “The inspector also noted in her report that it did not appear that the Respondent had any intention of achieving compliance with applicable Executive Orders and the Safe Regulations.”

Such people are marked and sent up the chain of command for chastisement.  We’ll have no “live free or die,” here.  Do not challenge their authority to micromanage your business during this so-called emergency.  (One also can’t help but wonder about the cost of this inspection regime versus other uses toward which scarce government resources could be directed.)

Notably, the Blvck Market boutique, where the governor took off her mask and stood shoulder to shoulder with the owner’s wife — “a big fan” of the governor’s — is not on the no-compliance list.  And there, the governor didn’t even “take it outside,” as her new quasi-regulatory marketing campaign suggests others do.

  • Lou

    Why would an article about guidelines to follow during Labor Day Weekend include “mention of the recent scandal of this very same governor “? Not all of us have an unhealthy obsession with the Governor. If fact, many of us will spend the entire weekend not thinking about her. Maybe you should try it, it might be good for you.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Why … an article…Weekend include “mention of the recent scandal of this very same governor “?
      To give some sense of perspective on “do as I say, not as I do”.

      • Lou

        I get the “do as I say, not as I do” angle, but to suggest referencing it in every news story is extreme, much like the author of the post. The focus of the article was clearly not political. But for one that sees everything through a political lens, I understand how that is difficult to discern. I see it as more evidence of an unhealthy obsession with the Governor.

        • Justin Katz

          It is very, very common for news stories to bring in that sort of context, although I’ll grant you that it’s less common when the politician is a Democrat.

          This article is about government regulations and Block Island. It even brings in the completely-separate-from-COVID topic of recent moped accidents. The idea that the governor’s failure to follow her own regulations is not relevant is more political than my noticing that the topic isn’t there.

          • ShannonEntropy

            Lou sees everything thru a political lens. The fact that he couldn’t figure out a way to stick his constant “Orange Man Bad” schtick in there is what is surprising to me

          • Lou

            It’s strange, it you wanted to fixate on a Governor that was taxpayer-unfriendly you would think you would start with Don “38 Studios” Carcieri. His taxpayer unfriendly decisions will be with us almost as long as Gina’s taxpayer-friendly pension reform. You know, if you are going to pretend to be “non-partisan” you need to critique politicians with an “R” next to their name every once in a while. Could you imagine Justin giving Nicholas Kettle a pass if he were a democrat?

        • Rhett Hardwick

          “I see it as more evidence of an unhealthy obsession with the Governor.” And how would you respond to what I see as a unhealthy obsession with Mr. Trump?

          • Lou

            Perhaps you two have an unhealthy obsession with me and Mrs. Putin. You are the only ones bringing it up here.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Queen Gina shoulda listened to me and everyone else with any brains and “pulled a Sweden” and NOT locked down and ruined our economy for nada

    This just in on Sweden’s results:

    But of course the lockdown and economy-destroying guidelines were never about “saving lives”… they were all about getting Trump voted out of office

    The fact that Gina knows there’s no real need to wear masks or to follow any her other of her ridiculous guidelines proves she knows the entire business is an entire fraud

    • Lou

      Another irrational political rant by an unhinged Trumpkin. You mean to tell us there’s a worldwide conspiracy about “about getting Trump voted out of office”. Maybe you can explain to us how worldwide responses to a pandemic are linked to the American presidential election. Are you suggesting Sweden is pro-Trump and not in on the conspiracy?

      • ShannonEntropy

        I compare it to that gender reveal party in CA that turned into a thousand sq mile wildfire…. the American MSM and liberal medical establishment started it and then couldn’t control it as it spread thru the world

        Remember when the UK’s “Dr Lockdown” was revealed not to believe any of his own propaganda, costing him his career?? That typifies the whole situation

        • Lou

          So is “Dr Lockdown” one of the shadowy figures concerned “about getting Trump voted out of office”? Is that all you have to support your worldwide conspiracy theory?

          • ShannonEntropy

            I can never tell if you are being deliberately obtuse or that your apparent lack of reading comprehension skills mean you are a public school victim…

            … but I never said there was a “worldwide conspiracy”. I said the original plan was to destroy our economy to get Trump and that it just spiraled out of control

            And sorry, it’s “Professor Lockdown”, the guy who almost single-handedly destroyed the UK’s economy
            … but you never heard of him so he must not exist:



          • Lou

            I’ll be happy to go slower for you. You implied there was a conspiracy regarding a worldwide pandemic, hence a “worldwide conspiracy”.

            You referred to “Dr Lockdown” in your prior post. I really don’t care what you call him, he’s irrelevant to the US pandemic response. Who do you hold responsible for the US pandemic response?

          • ShannonEntropy

            It’s looking a lot more like “[being] deliberately obtuse to annoy us” rather than “run-of-the-mill maroon who lacks critical thinking skills”

            Thanks for clearing that up for me