The Lead Questions from the Other Side of America


Somehow, it seems like the sorts of questions that John Hinderaker posed the other day don’t seem to be asked very often in the course of reporting on national political scandals.  Yesterday, I summarized the two sides on the scene, and I think it’s important for people in Rhode Island to understand that there are live questions not answered by the standard Democrat-media talking points.

Here’s a marker of what many of us have no sense we don’t know:

Time was getting short for the insurance policy.

Four days later the same team was emailing about rushing to get approval for another FISA warrant for another Russia-related investigation code-named “Dragon.”

I confess that I can’t keep up with the ever-expanding FBI scandal, but do we know what “Dragon” is, and how it differs from “Crossfire Hurricane”? Whatever Dragon was, it apparently had to do with stopping the Trump campaign, as Strzok and Page were eager to get it off the ground.

Now, one can reasonably speculate about what direction all this will go, whether there is anything of substance here, and whether peculiar actions by government agents were justifiable, but one can’t reasonably dismiss these questions as a distraction.  At the very least, there is plausible evidence of an actual, honest-to-goodness conspiracy within government to affect our political process and the resulting presidency.

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Frankly, I have trouble trusting anybody who encourages us to look away from that.  What do such people not want us to discover, or is their real fear that they’ll lose their ability to do such things in the future?

  • ShannonEntropy

    Donut fold yer breath waiting for answers about any of this Deep-State collusion against Trump [[ and isn’t it ironic that the entire Mueller ‘investigation’ is about alleged Trump campaign collusion, when the only documented collusion so far has been by the Deep State / Dems ?? ]]

    The game plan of the entire Deep State apparatus — from Rosenstein down to Lisa Page — is to run out the clock until the Nov election and pray both houses of Congress turn blue, after which we’ll never hear another word about this most sordid scandal in our history

    • Rhett Hardwick

      I have yet to see any evidence of collusion.

    • Mike678

      Not going to happen–the pendulum is swinging back. #WALKAWAY