The Only Way to Better Health Care


  • Rhett Hardwick

    I think some reality needs to be injected into the health care system. My first job was with a industrial gas company. They supplied Oxygen to hospitals, in those days, in “tanks” (an aside, there was no difference in welding oxygen and medical oxygen, Running two different lines was not cost efficient. They just marked up the medical oxygen because they knew no one cared about cost). The tanks carried a “demurrage” of 10 cents a day, after thirty days. The hospitals didn’t care abut that. We would have to send guys into the hospitals once a month. They looked under beds, looked in closets, etc. Usually they came out with about 100 tanks, “bottles”. My doctor recently recommended a lung test. He had no idea of the cost. When I called the hospital, they had no idea. The woman operating the machine had no idea of cost. So, I blew into a tube for about 15 minutes and got a bill for $1,400.00. I checked, the machine was available on eBay for about 20K. If I went to NYC and jumped in a 20K cab and rode for 15 minutes. What do you think it would cost. The machine was located in a fairly large room in a hospital (real high “rent”). The woman who operated it did nothing else, I couldn’t help notice that she wasn’t doing anything when I showed up (“labor costs”) All is excused in the name of “quality of care”.

  • Mike678

    Perhaps Mr. Q would like to explain how Universal Healthcare would be the biggest boon to US business since electricity? Hyperbole and opinion are fun, but if one wishes to convince, perhaps a cogent argument could be made? Some facts? Examples?

  • Banking, Medical care and Internet access are some of the most regulated industries in the USA and 3 industries people generally cannot stand the product and/or company they purchase from. That’s not a coincidence.