The Poor-Management Theme


This sort of talk is getting to be something of a theme during the Raimondo:

House Finance Committee members and budget crunchers said they worried Gov. Gina Raimondo’s administration is showing a lack of urgency to right the state’s listing fiscal position.

“The urgency is not as apparent as you would expect,” said House Fiscal Adviser Sharon Reynolds Ferland about the administration’s efforts to stem the red ink. “The current year deficit is time-sensitive. It needs to be emphasized.”

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Join the legislature’s concerns with the various criticisms and fines from the federal government, plus the various misfires (allegorized by “Cooler & Warmer”), and the story of the Raimondo administration can’t help but write itself.  If only Rhode Island could have a normal election in which the electorate gets a binary choice between two alternatives by which to make a clear statement.