The Poster Boy for Progressive Privilege


Providence Journal headline: “Providence Mayor Elorza stands by staffer Regunberg after protest arrest.”  Of course he does:

Among the 18 people arrested for civil disobedience Tuesday night during a protest at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls over the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown was Aaron Regunberg, a policy advisor to Mayor Jorge Elorza.

Regunberg, a former state representative and candidate for lieutenant governor, and the others were taking part in a demonstration organized by the national Jewish youth protest movement Never Again. They were arrested for blocking vehicle access to the facility.

As far as anybody can tell, being a left-wing activist is Regunberg’s job.

By way of a review, Regunberg graduated from Brown University, an Ivy League school.  So far in his adult life, he’s been an activist, a state legislator, and a candidate for lieutenant governor (a six-figure, no-responsibility job).  During his hiatus between the campaign and attendance at Harvard Law School (more Ivy), the taxpayers of Providence and, implicitly, Rhode Island are paying the twentysomething Regunberg at a rate of $80,000 per year to be a policy advisor.

He is the poster boy for progressive privilege in Rhode Island.

That privilege includes not only the guarantee of a high salary no matter what he does, but also immunity from a semblance of representation.  The brazenness proves that Mayor Jorge Elorza has no concern about compromise or maintaining government that plausibly represents people of different views, otherwise it would matter that this employee was arrested for an ideological purpose.

If governing were the top priority, the mayor might also be concerned that one of his employees is attempting to terrify residents with the false specter of an American holocaust.

  • Joe Smith

    Elorza was simply buying Regunberg’s support for Elorza’s 2022 run for governor (which increasingly seems suspect given the PPSD report but maybe Elorza is under the illusion there will (1) a turnaround and (2) he’ll somehow get credit for it).

    I have not doubt after coming so close and no plausible GOP candidate that Mr. Regunberg is running again for LtGov and Elorza wants a favor
    (endorsement) for the nice $300K no responsibility no accountability job that essentially enables Regunberg to campaign for the next 3 years without the worry of paying the bills.

    • ShannonEntropy

      Angélica Infante-Green has already let Elorza off the hook, a fact he’ll surely trumpet if he does run in ’22

      When someone at one of those public meet ‘n greets she’s holding mentioned Jorge, she had to ask how long he’d been in office

      Told it was four years, she said the prablems in La Prov schools were decades if not generations in the making… and that *everyone* — even li’l ol’ Warwick resident moi, and you, dear reader — were to blame for the situation

      So voting against Elorza would be like voting against yerself

      You wouldn’t do *that* now would you ??

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I really don’t know about the Ivy League. After Dartmouth and Columbia, my daughter and I can no longer even “discuss” things. Her mind is completely closed, all has been decided. It’s sad. Of course, if I approved of what “has been decided”, I might view it differently.

    • ShannonEntropy

      These kids get indoctrinated *way* before they get to college. This is why I am opposed to universal pre-K… it just gives them one more year to turn impressionable brains into liberal mush

      • Rhett Hardwick

        Yes, my daughter went to an “elite” school in Cambridge, I could see the changes occurring.

        • carla pistachio

          I’m sure any change in your daughter was to her benefit and you are too big an idiot to realize it.

          • Rhett Hardwick

            That is one possibility.

  • carla pistachio

    Every single one of the commenters on this thread are sick in their heads. You people disgust me and are an indication of the sickness of corruption and hatred Trump has fostered among such stupid stooges as every single one of you. SHAME ON YOU! May your souls burn in Hell.