The Purpose of the Military


The most disturbing aspect of the rhetorical style of modern progressives is its peremptory, irrational foundation.  Disagreeing with them is simply bigotry, leaving no room for debate.  All contrary arguments are irrelevant to the overriding moral mandate to do what they want to do.

This dynamic may be most visible in the matter of transgenders in the military, on which David French has already articulated my view:

The military is different. You’re trying to forge men into a team, place them into the most stressful situations humanity has ever seen, and get them to perform under pressure. Oh, and in total war you need numbers. Lots of numbers — but without fracturing unit cohesion, coddling weakness, or taking on unacceptable risks.

So, here’s what you do — you make group decisions. Do people with certain kinds of criminal backgrounds tend to be more trouble than they’re worth? They’re out. How about folks with medical conditions that have a tendency to flare up in the field. They’re out also. It’s foolish to create a force that contains numbers of people who are disproportionately likely to have substantial problems. Increased injuries lead to manpower shortages in the field. Prolonged absences create training gaps. Physical weakness leads to poor performance.

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The military is people fighting and dying in order to preserve our nation, not a place to make social statements to accelerate acceptance.  Even putting aside any awkwardness and discomfort, as French points out, transgenders as a population exhibit higher rates of warning signs about which the military is rightly concerned.

But putting aside awkwardness and discomfort is a step too far.  Progressives’ message to those brave Americans who join the military is, and has long been, “Hey, thanks for agreeing to risk your lives on our behalf, now we’ll just insist that you also accept our leveraging our control over you to make you accept our most radical beliefs.”

This, you’ll note, is in keeping with the rhetorical style mentioned above. Nothing is more important than pushing the Left’s beliefs — not others’ right to disagree and not even the existence of our civilization.

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  • BasicCaruso

    “It’s foolish to create a force that contains numbers of people who are disproportionately likely to have substantial problems.”

    Yes, and we’d be remiss to not also ban middle-age, white men who are statistically not fit to serve vs. their black and Latino peers. #rationalfoundation
    The US 2010 Final Data quantifies the US statistics for suicide by race, sex and age. Interestingly, African-American suicides have declined and are considerably lower than whites. Reasons are thought to include better coping skills when negative things occur as well as different cultural norms with respect to taking your own life. Also, Blacks (and Hispanics) tend to have stronger family support, community support and church support to carry them through these rough times.

  • Guest

    If you’ve never been in the military then don’t even think you have any right idea about what goes on in the military. If you’ve never been in the military and never been in actual war not one deployment but two deployments you are blowing smoke out of your mouth and calling it clean air.

    WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Conflict all had selective service number call up and were not volunteer military service. Your number got called you went and it didn’t matter what your orientation was. If you were called up by number you were most likely assigned to whichever branch
    of service needed bodies and jobs filled at that time.

    Today the United State of America has an all-volunteer military service but still requires all males 18-25 sign up for selective service so that a draft can be readily resumed if needed.

    If you live in the United States of America and abide by the constitution and laws you have equal right to defend and die for your country.

    • Justin Katz

      One needn’t have been in the military to know that you’re rewriting the nature of our entire culture of just a few years ago, let alone decades. Your orientation “didn’t matter” in the sense that it wouldn’t keep you out of the military, but everybody was expected to live according to certain norms. To pretend that openly allowing transgenders, to the point of funding their operations, is something like a return to military practices back to WWI would be absolutely absurd.

      • Guest

        Justin, I hope you understand what the other meaning of “Assume” is seeing how you have used four assumptions in your reply to me. To try and address answering each of your assumptions would lend justifications as being true to
        each. Again, if you have never honorably served your country and the constitution of this great country you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to military matters. You are an arrogant little kid playing in an adult sand box not having any idea what is happening around you.

        All my family male members have all served their constitution and country in the military service and my father and his brother for over 27 years after military service and I for 40 years supporting all the military branches. Two of us have been in actual front line combat.

        • Mike678

          I have served. And you are wrong.