The Rumbling of Tyranny Is Coming from the Left


In an essay titled “Is Democracy Doomed? We’ve Been Here Before.,” by left-wing writer Bill Scher, the author looks to historical examples that Donald Trump may be dangerous to “the fabric of democracy,” with the “most notable” being early-Twentieth-Century Louisiana Governor Huey Long:

Long seized complete control of all levels of government, from the courts to the vote-counters to the public schoolteachers. His tactics included more than demagoguery. Political critics suffered beatings and kidnappings. When the mayor of New Orleans resisted Long’s power grabs in 1934, Long (at that point a senator but still in command of Louisiana via his hand-picked successor as governor), declared “partial martial law,” then ordered state’s National Guard to occupy the registrar of voters office and train their guns on the mayoral office across the street.

Yet Long built a huge national following thanks to his “Share Our Wealth” program, going well beyond the New Deal to propose a robust guaranteed minimum income and a ceiling on maximum income and wealth. Long claimed 7 million people joined “Share Our Wealth” clubs. While Schlesinger calls that number a “wild exaggeration,” he observed voters “from the old lower-middle classes [and] from provincial and traditionally nonpolitical groups in the population … felt threatened by organized economic power” and were therefore quite content to join in  “resentful revolt against both contemporary politics and contemporary economics.”

How myopic does your perspective have to be to read this and associate it with not-yet-president Trump, rather than too-long-been-president Obama? Progressives are the ones using the IRS as a weapon, conducting politically motivated pre-dawn raids in Wisconsin, and declaring our entire society an illegitimate implementation of “white privilege.”  (One need hardly ask whom our public school teachers unions support.)

I’ve got a particular point of view, of course, but it must take quite a bubble to prevent people from seeing the direction in which they really should be looking if they fear tyranny.

By the way, Huey Long was a Democrat.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Another example of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.. Better historians than I may recall the name of the disappointed Democratic politician who seized the Governor’s mansion of Georgia (?) at gun point (I think Talmadge). That was in the old Jim Crow days of the “Solid South”, there were no Republicans (the Party of Lincoln”).