The Slow Crawl to a Verdict on Disability Abuse


It appears potentially to be a temporary accommodation, but the weightlifting firefighter retired on a disability pension has thus far managed to keep it:

Former city firefighter John Sauro, described in sworn court testimony as “the poster boy for pension fraud,” will be receiving his pension check again. For how long remains to be seen. 

The city Retirement Board voted Wednesday to reinstate Sauro’s $3,902-a-month tax-free disability pension after Sauro reluctantly submitted to a followup medical evaluation to reconfirm his continuing disability. He also handed over updated medical records.

As I sang back in November: “They got me, they got me. Now I’m disabled from tension. They got me, they got me, at least they won’t get my pension… ’cause it’s Rhode Island.”

  • George from Warwick

    I know one firefighter/EMT-turned-attorney who retired on a permanent disability pension for an “injured” knee (( and NO!
    … it’s not The Heavy Hitter ))

    This guy brags that he skis at least 30 days a year … Maybe HE should be the poster boy for disability fraud

    Or maybe we could take a Group Photo of them all ….

  • leaving RI

    speaking of the “heavy hitter” did you know he was a central falls cop and took a disability pension the month he got his degree that central falls paid for, and to this day he still uses the free medical provided to him yet he is one of the largest property owners in New England. We have sooo many “poster children” for scam disability in this state!!

  • Warrington Faust

    Interestingly, the Feds seem to be cracking down on SS DIsability. Last month they fired about 40 ALJ’s (Administrative Law Judge) who were apparently to lenient. There have been a few other news stories. Today I heard an ad on the radio to rat your neighbor if you suspect SS fraud.