The State Makes Move on Rights in Multiple Dimensions, RI ACLU Applauds


The Rhode Island ACLU has a strange understanding of “civil liberties.”  The organization has apparently been successful in its push to have the state bureaucracy of the Department of Education take broad decisions about handling transgender students out of the hands of local districts:

Rhode Island Education Commissioner Ken Wagner announced his commitment Tuesday to require all school districts to adopt comprehensive policies affirming the civil rights of transgender and gender non-conforming students, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island.

The announcement, made at a meeting of the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education, supports a petition that the ACLU of Rhode Island and nine other organizations filed last month seeking to provide this protection.

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This isn’t just a case of state government muscling local government, however.  As has been explored in this space before, the guidance on which this new, mandatory regulation will be based is so extreme as to task teachers and other school personnel with seeking signs of gender identity issues in all children.  By high school, districts will actively conspire with children to set time lines for transition and to hide it all from their parents.

An “American Civil Liberties Union” that supports this policy carries an Orwellian name.

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