The Success of Medicaid Reform Depends on the Governor’s Party


Without going back and doing a thorough search of archives, it sure seems like Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s Medicaid reforms are receiving more credulous coverage.  The Providence Journal’s headline today, for example, is “$70M savings goal to be met, and surpassed, says governor“:

With the leaders of the working group seated around her and while pointing to charts trackings spending, Raimondo said that the state is on track to realize $70 million in Medicaid savings for the current fiscal year, and is projected to possibly save another $7 million on top of that before the end of the fiscal year in June. An additional $40 million is expected to be saved in fiscal 2017.

That $110 million is conspicuously identical to the $110 million projected to be saved by Republican Governor Donald Carcieri’s Medicaid reform.  Of course, back then, local journalists were inclined to be skeptical and to shave the estimates down as much as possible.  As I’ve written before, the two programs are similar on multiple points, with the main differences being whether the emphasis is on increased accountability for users or new ways to raise money and shift costs to private insurance members.

It isn’t surprising, therefore, that reporters who tend to share the governor’s progressive beliefs would prefer one program over the other.

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    Did Don “38 Studios” Carcieri have any other great ideas you want to remind of?

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    Oh, come on Justin. What was so bad about reminding us what a leader Don “38 Studios” Carcieri was.

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