The Swiss Cheese Approach to Campaign Finance


  • Raymond Carter

    Sorry to hijack this thread but the Kettle indictment stinks of she-it. The grown man who (apparently with zero evidence) is claiming he was “extorted” almost a decade ago for homosexuality by the Senator, RAN AGAINST him in 2014. Furthermore he called Kettle “a friend”. This coming YEARS AFTER the supposed extortion for sex. Read the Valley Breeze article of August 13, 2014 by Denise Perreault. Oh here’s the kicker in the article-the father of the grown man is the son of a RETIRED STATE TROOPER.
    Now I don’t know Nick Kettle from the pot that called the kettle black but if state police charged this case with no evidence that corrupt partisan affirmative action creature made head of the state police by Saint Gina needs to GO yesterday. This is Stalinism in action. Maybe there is evidence but it sure don’t (sic) look like it from media reports I have seen. If I was Kettle I would be on every media outlet for as long as they would have me.

    • Raymond Carter

      I will say, that after now reading the affidavit on golocal, that Kettle looks guilty as hell on the voyeour charge.

      • guest

        Funny how Rep. Morgan has time to tweet about a trip that didn’t happen, but is silent about the (alleged) abuse suffered at the hands of one of her Republican colleagues in the legislature. Real leadership!