They Are the Buffoons They Complained About


Jillian Kay Melchior had the brilliant idea to request and review the reams of email that Mizzou’s fascist professor Melissa Click received after being caught in the execution of her ideology.  Apparently, the Chronicle of Higher Education undertook a similar approach, but as one might expect from a respected voice of academia, the publication opted for cherry picking ideological opposition rather than a nuanced analysis.

Whoever had the idea first, though, I find one exchange hilarious in a liberals-don’t-realize-what-buffoons-they-are kind of way.  When Melchior contacted one person who had sent a supportive message to Click, he responded that he’s “OK with actual violence, like actual political violence”:

Rasmussen continued: “I’m OK — I’d be fine if we brought back the guillotine and cut off the Koch brothers’ heads. That would be OK with me. I think that would be OK.” He added that protesters occupying public spaces should have the right to shut out the media because “with Occupy Wall Street, a lot of us lefties learned that if you give open access to the media, some people with an agenda will try to find people in your camp who will say ridiculous things and make it look like your whole group [supports those stances].”

Speaking as one whom Rob Rasmussen would surely consign to some manner of gruesome death or other were his political gang to take sufficient control of the nation, I can only laugh.  Like Fraulein Click, R. Rasmussen’s remorse appears conditional upon the reaction.  Giving a voice and prominence to progressives is only lamentable when they say what they believe and people express outrage, disgust, or incredulity about their distorted worldview.  If he receives even a small portion of the mockery and disapprobation that his statement deserves, he’ll probably blame Melchior for giving him a forum.

  • Mike678

    Perfect example of how utterly clueless many of these people are. Sure, we have some on the right, but the numbers are so much greater on the left. Then again, for them it is often “the ends justify the means” so Anything goes to advance their cause. On the right we are hampered by the rule of law….until we get fed up. Not looking forward to that day.

  • Raymond Carter

    The continuous history of the Left since 1789 has been one of genocide, tyranny and bloody factional infighting.
    Tommy Cranston