Tiverton Finds the Source Behind Strange Overtime Numbers


In 2014, Tiverton Fact Check noted that the second-highest-paid employee in town was Police Lieutenant Timothy Panell.  In fact, our transparency application shows that he was the second-highest-paid employee for three of the four years for which we have data (we don’t yet have fiscal year 2016), and third highest for the other year, all of them over $100,000.  Over those four years, overtime averaged about 30% of Officer Panell’s total pay, but it was around 40% for the two most recent years.

It is therefore not surprising, although still disappointing, to see Tim White of WPRI reporting that Panell has been charged with 58 counts of stealing overtime pay.

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  • Rhett Hardwick

    This sort of thing seems endemic in public employment. It seems as though the Boston Globe has, for generations, yearly the reported the highest paid person on the police department. It is always a patrolman who made it on “details”. The Globe wonders how this is possible, but never investigates. Years ago, I knew a laborer for the MBTA. He was making over 80K. I asked how this was possible, “first you get on the 3-11 shift, then it is a medical question”. I asked what the medical question was, “How long can you sleep?”. The deal was when the shift ended at 11PM, you were allowed to crawl up and sleep in a place where you couldn’t be photographed. then you checked out with 5-6 hours of OT.

    • Raymond Carter

      Abolish the drug laws, the 25 MPH speed traps and layoff half the cops. Some of these families have been living like hereditary Lords since their first Irish ancestors 150 years ago. Look at Providence-Glancy, Ryan, Mullen, Partington, Riley, etc., etc. The same families since Grant’s administration.

      • Rhett Hardwick

        My favorite was the toll takers on the Mass Pike. They were union and rules prevented them from being investigated if they were “missing” less than $200 per day. Howie Carr used to recommend that you spit on the money you gave them, they started wearing surgical gloves.