UHIP Special Master’s Deloitte Connection


  • Monique Chartier

    “noting his firm has represented Deloitte, the company that built the
    UHIP system, in other states. But the judge said he did not see a
    conflict, calling the state’s objection “completely without basis.””

    You cannot make this stuff up. Look, the fact of the matter is that the responsibility for this catastrophe happens to rest entirely with Governor Raimondo (not Deloitte) for ordering the launch of a completely unready system and, even worse, ORDERING THE SHUT DOWN OF THE OLD SYSTEM so that we couldn’t jump to it when it was clear the new one wasn’t functional.

    But, respectfully, the above decision is patently absurd. It is very difficult to believe that the primary impetus of this attorney will not be to protect the client of the law firm that had employed him for years.