Union Firefighter Intimidation Tactics in Warwick


As reported by John Howell at the Warwick Beacon:

CVS Health has found no wrongdoing on the part of one of its employees, former Ward 1 councilman and former chairman of the Warwick School Committee Robert Cushman, in response to demands by the president of the Warwick Firefighters Union.

The union’s president, William Lloyd, threatened a statewide – followed by a national – boycott of the pharmacy chain because of Cushman, a full-time business analyst with the company.

Cushman has been critical of the firefighter and police pension liabilities faced by the city. Firefighters have questioned Cushman’s credentials.

In an email Tuesday, CVS spokesman Michael DeAngelis released the following statement: “After investigating this matter, we determined that Mr. Cushman did not claim to be representing CVS Health or speaking on behalf of the Company when he exercised his rights as a private citizen at a public meeting in his hometown.”

The email continues: “As such, we have no position on his comments. We believe the IAFF Local 2748’s call for a boycott of CVS/pharmacy is misplaced and not warranted. We have a strong track record of supporting emergency responders, and we appreciate all they do to protect our communities.”

Cushman said CVS executives brought Lloyd’s email to his attention more than a month ago. He said the company questioned him, and reviewed tapes of a presentation he made to the City Council in December. Cushman said he was later shown a copy of the CVS reply, which according to DeAngelis closely followed the statement released to the Beacon.

DeAngelis did not feel it proper to release Lloyd’s email to the paper. Cushman did not have a copy.

In an interview yesterday, Lloyd said the letter that was addressed to DeAngelis never called for Cushman’s dismissal, but that because Cushman is an employee “we would not be using CVS anymore.”

“I never made a threat against his job,” Lloyd said. “I never said anything about getting Bob Cushman fired.”

Lloyd said a boycott was not a singular decision, and that the union unanimously voted for it.

“A vote taken by all members, it wasn’t me just spouting off,” he said.

Nevertheless, message sent, no?

  • Mike Rollins

    Too bad the Warwick Fire Department is a government imposed monopoly, so it unfortunately is not possible to take any business to any competing fire department.

    • Max

      I’ll bet there are some Quaker Lane residence that wished they could:

      “We had one ladder truck go down and an engine company go down,”
      Armstrong said, adding there were also water pressure issues. “Those
      seconds – seconds without water – mean quite a bit to us. It means we
      could possibly lose a building.”

  • Wil

    Lloyd never called for Cushman’s dismissal. Yeah he was just sending a friendly email to say hello and , um, oh yeah, we’ve decided to unanimously vote to boycott you because of your employee. Lloyd, find your rocks and stand up for what you did and what your true intentions were, you coward.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Boycotts often backfire on their organizers

    Look what happened when the LGBT community went after
    Chick-Fil-A =►

    …. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/31/chick-fil-a-sales-2012_n_2590612.html

    Heck ,, I had never even *heard* of Chick-Fil-A before the boycott. But there Mrs ShannonEntropy and I were right after learning of it, driving 40 miles to Westborough, MA to support the company. (( The one on Bald Hill rd in my home town of Warwick hadn’t opened yet))

    ProTip … the Spicy Chicken Deluxe sandwich is DEE-LISH !!

    • Whoops

      If you need to drive 80 miles for a piece of fried chicken to make a political statement, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities. Try clicking off Fox News for a little while.

      Doesn’t Justin deny that the baggers have to bring politics into the most mundane transactions?