Unity and Division in a Post-Obama America


Commenting to my post about Russian hacking, progressive commenter The Misfit writes:

Welcome to Vichy America. Or, just the place where old empires go. What is the saying? About being united or divided? I think you have perfectly expressed that. The Max comment is great. I wish I was in the bridge selling business.

See, here’s the thing:  Progressives blew it under Obama.  They made it clear that they wanted to hunt us down as bigots and silence us as “deniers” — terms that they presumed to define according to their ideological lights.  They made it clear that they don’t care how those on their side abuse power or lie, provided we’re the targets and progressive policies are the objective.

They slammed the gears so hard from vilifying Bush to deifying Obama to, now, demonizing Trump that everybody has heard the grinding.  They want every government, cultural, and social institution primed to exclude those with whom they disagree, to lock us out and force us to bend to their will or simply to die out.

That’s not a vision of unity to which most Americans would willingly subscribe, and now we’re seeing clearly how the intention was disguised.

  • Raymond Carter

    We’ve got to be GRATEFUL for A-holes like this; without them President Trump would not exist.
    The “joke” is on them.