Unlike the Tea Party, the EPA Is a Government Agency


By now, the Trump transition team has promised that it has “properly counseled” the staffer who asked for names of people involved in certain of the Environmental Protection Agency’s activities, but it remains a telling incident:

The official said questions about professional society memberships and websites that staff at the Energy Department’s national laboratories maintain or contribute to could raise questions about Trump’s commitment to scientific independence – a fundamental tenet at the agency. …

Democrats have called the questionnaire a modern-day political witch hunt that could have a chilling impact on federal workers.

Gee.  If anything, that sounds less aggressive and presumptuous than the Obama administration’s treatment of Tea Party groups in the run-up to his reelection campaign.  The main difference: Those were private citizens being harassed by the IRS on the president’s behalf.  If there’s any harassment with the EPA request, it’s the people’s elected president harassing out-of-control agencies.  That’s kind of how representative democracy ought to work.

  • Mike678

    How do you ‘drain the swamp’ without understanding which of its members need to be removed? Which 10 percent or so are driving the ideological, non-science based buffoonery that is crippling our ability to compete?

  • GaryM

    Just as Obama was taking office in his first term, he instructed authorities at HUD to get engaged on the housing discrimination lawsuit against Westchester County, NY in order to press on with his version of housing fairness. In spite of the lack of evidence that Westchester had done anything wrong, the Obama HUD agency hammered Westchester with all the weight of the federal government to harass the residents into a settlement.

    It didn’t stop there.

    Obama wanted to use Westchester as the poster child for his version of equitable housing policies which mandated that million dollar neighborhoods had to carry their share of Section 8 rental housing. The demands kept piling up beyond the original settlement agreement all pushed by an activist judge who saw punishment as a solution for Westchester due to having taken federal CDBG dollars. This was the start of the “community activist” Obama regime.