Upcoming WPRI Investigative Report: ​The Failed Tee-Shirt ​Escape?


The ​WPRI preview calls this the “strangest twist ​to a Target 12 investigation yet”. I’d call it the most intriguing: with WPRI investigative reporters hot on his heels, a state representative wraps a tee shirt around his head in an apparent attempt to slip away unnoticed.

Does this state rep have something to hide? Will this WPRI investigation uncover activity that fits too well with a ​pattern of political corruption in Rhode Island?

We’ll all have to tune in to WPRI channel 12 on Monday at 5:00 pm to find out!

  • Mike Rollins

    Whatever they are accusing this as yet unamed state representative of doing had better be a serious crime, deserving of prison time, or I will be the first to jump all over WPRI for making public fools of themselves.

    • Raymond Carter

      I’m sure your jumping all over them will have them shaking in their boots.

  • RITaxpayer

    Monique, when I first read your headline, I thought the story was going to be about TeeSpring leaving the state for Tennessee for a 2 million dollar tax break without so much as a meeting with the ‘jobs governor’, taking those jobs away from RIers.

    I saw the preview and honestly, it could be ANY of our reps, save for maybe 4 or 5. I’ll watch on Monday but I doubt if I’ll be surprised. Outraged maybe, but not surprised.

  • Northern Exposure

    I’m breathless with anticipation! This better be good.

    • Raymond Carter

      It WAS pretty good. A corrupt Democrat rep. and disability scammer (tip of the hat to Michael Morse) got caught red-handed either:
      1. Committing a federal crime by signing mortgage documents saying he was living in Johnston or
      2. Committing electoral fraud by claiming he lived in the ghetto in Providence-his district.
      Pick your poison A-hole!