Vitally Important that the R.I. Supreme Court Weigh in Now on Truck-Only Tolls


Rep Patricia Morgan is absolutely correct. Governor Raimondo needs to ask the R.I. Supreme Court now, not after she has committed taxpayers to hundreds of millions of dollars in borrowing, whether tolls on trucks only is constitutional. If the governor refuses to do so, it is confirmation that she fully intends for tolls to go on all vehicles, including cars, under the political cover of a court ruling — but one that would come years down the road, after taxpayers are on the hook to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to Wall Street and to her pet political friends.

Republican state Rep. Patricia Morgan has introduced a resolution urging Governor Raimondo to seek a Rhode Island Supreme Court opinion on the constitutionality of her Assembly-passed plan to toll tractor-trailer trucks before the tolling gantries go up at multiple locations on six Rhode Island highways.

  • oceanstater

    Although I think user fees and tolling big trucks that do a lot of damage, including the many out of state trucks, is common sense, (I’ll note the tolls on roads and bridges in MA, NH, NY, NJ etc and their economies are doing relatively well) it is a surprise to me that this is even a possibility as I always heard the Feds would not permit new tolling on interstates except for a few (3?) special exceptions that we applied for unsuccessfully. Thus I think it is also common sense to determine the legality of this asap, so I hope this resolution passes.