We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Left-Wing Violence


So… Boston.  A small group organized what turned out to be an actual rally for free speech, and left-wing “counter protesters” — likely ranging from Antifa to well-meaning college kids and others — turned out ready to brawl with Nazis.  In fairness, the news media promoted it as if it was the same sort of white supremacist rally as in Charlottesville, because that sold stories and helped them advance the narrative that racists are resurgent in America.

When it turned out there were no white supremacists to attack, the “counter-protesters” dragged an elderly woman by her American flag, screamed threats at a young man with a MAGA hat and an Israeli flag, and threw bottles of urine at police officers.

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds offers a related reminder:

Note that although the Tea Party movement was treated much worse by mainstream media than Antifa has been, Tea Partiers never physically attacked journalists, or anyone. Note also that this didn’t get the Tea Party any credit, or even spare it from being compared to Nazis and the Klan.

Shame on the journalists and politicians creating the false sense of boogeymen.  On the other hand, thank you for doubling down on your ideological winnings from last week and losing it all, bringing us back to status quo ante: left-wing violence and opposition to free speech.

From what I’m reading, more “counter protesters” were arrested than actual free-speech advocates attended.  Guess that means there really aren’t two sides to the political violence.  The whole thing was a good lesson, though, of what the Left, mainstream media, and national Democrats hope to accomplish by tarring the entire Right as racist and minimizing the violence of the Left.

  • The biggest joke is that most of those who organized, and attended yesterday’s free speech rally weren’t even on the “right.” While I declined an invitation to personally attend, I am friends with a few of the individuals who were there. As a group they might be politely described as being radical libertarians. Referring to them as “fringe” libertarians might also be accurate. Nothing even remotely right wing about any of them.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      You’re ruining the story. Do you want those 40,000 “protesters” wondering why they bothered?

  • Mike678

    The far left fringe is good at picking names that sound good but their actions rarely match the rhetoric. Free speech is not appreciated by fascists, so in denying it, these so-called antifa expose themselves.