What Is Going on in Tiverton?


Well, there’s this:

Robert Coulter is the new president and Justin Katz is vice president of the Tiverton Town Council, which met for the first time Monday night and will convene again Thursday night at 7 at Town Hall to finish what was a hefty first meeting agenda.

Coulter and Katz were voted into their leadership positions Monday on votes of 4-0, with three abstentions. Coulter, along with Denise deMedeiros and Patricia Hilton, abstained from the vote to appoint him president, and Katz, along with deMedeiros and Hilton, abstained from the vote to appoint him vice president. Voting in favor of Coulter were Donna Cook, Nancy Driggs, Katz and Joseph Perry. Voting in favor of Katz were Coulter, Cook, Driggs and Perry.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring a new perspective to the governance of the town.¬† If the philosophical ideas of the new majority are correct (which they are!), the town will be headed in an exciting direction, even as we strive to bring people together and conduct civil, professional meetings.

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  • stuckinRI

    Good Luck! And don’t let the b@stards get you down!

  • Merle The Monster

    Now that you are an insider do you plan to continue to write negative blog pieces about Tiverton

  • Merle The Monster

    Congratulations councilman Katz. Any comment on your compensation as the Vice President of the Tiverton Town Council


  • Mike678

    Congratulations Justin! And please continue to ignore those hate filled, ignorant trolls.