When the Tolerant People Go to the City Council to Silence Those with Whom They Disagree


Writing in the Newport Daily News, reporter Colin Howarth slips in a helpful reminder — as we watch the Left attempt to make American life a non-stop political rally — of Lefitsts’ understanding of the role of government (emphasis added):

Locals have used social media to voice their concerns about DePetro’s rhetoric in the past, citing what they perceive as misogynistic and hateful remarks. A day after the announcement, a Facebook group was created titled “Get John DePetro off WADK.” Two local residents used the citizen’s forum at Wednesday’s City Council meeting to express their concerns about DePetro.

That’s right.  Progressives in Newport are going to the government in an attempt to silence somebody with whom they disagree.  As Mayor Harry Winthrop says, when others criticize him for welcoming a new talk-show-host to the market, “It’s unfortunate people don’t understand the role of mayor.”

WADK President and Owner Bonnie Gomes notes that, if boycotts threaten anybody, they threaten the 15 employees of the station.

For a long time, in our country, those of a progressive persuasion have been sold on the idea that opposing views are illegitimate.  It’s OK to silence conservatives while proclaiming dedication to free speech.  It’s OK to lock those who hold traditional religious views out of self-governance (by ruling their worldview unconstitutional) while pretending to be an advocate for religious freedom.

It’s time to insist on bringing real tolerance into American society, not just the phony one-sided version that progressives like to put on bumper stickers.

  • Max

    They’re self proclaimed arbiters of ‘American’ values. They survive on lies and hyperbole and nothing says tolerance like calling others with opposing view homophobes, xenophobes, racists, bigots, and misogynists. Did I miss any?

    • RIVietnameravet

      Yes you certainly are racists and bigots..look at your support for the birther movement..for the spreading of the wildest and most unsubstantiated charges against Obama..and for your support of a man who openly brags about P** bragging and so much more..and yes, you deny it …fooling only yourselves..

      • Max

        Thanks for making my point.

  • RIVietnameravet

    Progressives are tolerant but NOT for intolerance and bigotry. We are not tolerant of hatred and bigotry…that is something the right wing doesnt not understand

    • Mike678

      Ah, the irony. Do you even understand what “bigotry” is? You may want to look it up.

      But perhaps you are too busy painting all “right wing” people as racist homophobes to reflect on your own shortcomings; to understand that you are extremely predjudiced. Does your predjudice, over-generalizations and labeling justify your intolerance of other opinions/facts? In other words, does your prejudice justify your bigotry?

    • Justin Katz

      The progressive two-step to righteousness:

      * I’m tolerant of everything but intolerance and bigotry!
      * What’s intolerance and bigotry?
      * Anything with which I disagree.