Whether or Not They Connect, Dots Across the Globe


Inasmuch as I find room for the actions of spiritual entities in events that seem conspicuously to line up without any apparent human agency, I’m not one to assume conspiracies are behind any sequences of anecdotes that can be made to tell a story.  Human plans fail; few agents of a cause are so besotted that their own, independent intentions won’t pop up over the course of decades, and meanwhile, those who take an opposing cause are acting in the opposite direction.

That said, Robert Zubrin lays out a suggestive sequence of 21 items, beginning with the following, that sure does leave room for pausing and pondering:

Item 1: The strategic doctrine known as “Eurasianism” calls for the Kremlin to achieve global dominance by uniting a Moscow-headquartered totalitarian “heartland” bloc consisting of Continental Europe, the former Soviet Union, and a revived Persian empire against the “rimland” West.

As I suggested above, there are reasons for skepticism.  Are we to believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s existential motivation resides in her (possible) involvement with the East German secret police all those years ago?  And if Barack Obama is in on the scheme, one would think such an incorrigible narcissist — while easy to goad into a particular action — would be very difficult to manage over years and years.

That is, it quickly becomes clear that any conspiracy would have to be so thoroughly orchestrated through subtle cultural suggestions and vulnerable to ebbs and flows of social tastes and natural chance that it would be suggestive of a supernatural force with intentions of its own.

I believe such things exist, but even those who don’t share my beliefs can understand the utility of war-gaming reality as if the unseen (perhaps invisible) enemy were real.  It appears that various trends are building up momentum toward an outcome that we, with our own intentions, hope to avoid.  Whether or not anybody’s doing the pushing, the barriers that we should suggest are likely the same.

So, you’ve got resurgent national powers throughout Asia and the Middle East, with a giant migration of their people into Europe at the same time that steps are being taken in the world of energy that could weaken Europe, even as Western military forces whittle themselves away and the President of the United States (by delusion or incompetence) appears to be on the wrong side.  The steps we should take in opposition are the same whether the conspiracy exists in material or spiritual fact or not:  Work for freedom and security in the West… and pray.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Work for freedom and security in the West… and pray.

    We need to Team Up with Russia to beat ISIS-ISIL-Daesh
    — or whatever acronym they are calling themselves this week

    But to do that WE need a strong POTUS

    Right now Putin vs Obama is like a .45 vs a squirt gun

    The Donald is sounding more & more like the kind of guy we need
    … much like we needed Reagan in the ’80s

    • Rhett Hardwick

      The history of Russian military aggression for the last few centuries has revolved around seeking a warm water port. Their current activities seem at least somewhat related to that. Their dealings with the Ukraine recovered Odessa.

    • Max

      I can almost appreciate the Donald’s appeal to some but he’s unintentionally providing cover for the President who is drowning in his own foreign policy. I think he’s gotten to the point where he just wants to see how outrageous his supporters will let him be and it’s only providing the left with talking points.

  • analyzethis

    US Military tells us that they are running out of bombs and missiles meanwhile Iraq has stated they don’t want US troops there because the US has done NOTHING to stop ISIS. We are bombing but not hitting anything.

    The US only stepped up when France and Russia started showing immediate results.

    The French and Russians started targeting the oil trucks cutting off their cash pipeline. Russia has said Turkey is implicit with ISIS on oil sales. So Turkey puts troops into northern Iraq and Syria to defend the oil trucks.

    I mean you can’t make this stuff up.