Whew, No Subsidies for Superman Building – At Least, This Year


WPRI’s Dan McGowan reports the good news (pointing out that the ProJo had announced it first).

The effort to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies to revitalize Providence’s tallest building has again stalled at the Rhode Island State House.

This is a very good thing, as far as it goes. City and state taxpayers already pay too much in taxes, fees and cost-of-living without also being compelled to compensate property owners for the effects of both a real estate market that has not fully rebounded but especially for the state’s abysmal business climate that is keeping prospective tenants out of the state.

“As far as it goes”, however, because, like the Terminator, the owner of the Superman Building has promised, “I’ll be back” next year to once again try to tap into the taxpayer’s already seriously overextended wallet.

  • Raymond Carter

    They’ll be back is right.