Who Wants to Help Rhode Islanders?


  • guest

    You “patriots” realize NH has one of the highest property tax burdens in the country, right? It’s over 20% higher than RI. You really want to emulate NH?

    • Mike678

      Your reading comprehension deficit strikes again. The discussion was on corporate taxes, troll….

      Anyone who can think understands states get their due one way or another. If I want business to relocate to my state, I’d lower the corporate tax while also keeping my transportation infrastructure sound and utility rates competitive. More business means more jobs, more working people which can result in additional tax inflow to offset the money “lost” to lower corporate taxes. Perhaps this concept is too complex for RI “leadership.”

      But If I just want to troll and expose my ignorance I’d cherry pick one tax then attempt to discredit the author’s argument with a poorly reasoned statement….