Why Does the BOE Refuse to Fire Their Flagrantly Insubordinate Director?


For years, BOE Executive Director pretty much did what he wanted in his official capacity, with little respect, seemingly, for the authority or wishes of the board itself. Yet they have repeatedly refused to pop him – once again, as recently as last night, despite the fact that he had yet again disobeyed a direct order of the board. (In fact, two board members are apparently so indulgent of Kando that they stormed out of last night’s meeting because another board member wanted to reveal yet another undisclosed instance of his insubordination!) Why?

With tempers flaring and voices raised, two Board of Elections board members stormed out of a monthly board meeting Wednesday night while another criticized Executive Director Robert Kando’s job performance.

Within hours, Kando was suspended for 30 business days beginning Monday. The reason: He failed to sign up in January for management classes he was directed to take in connection with his last suspension.

Further, this inexorably raises the question: is the board looking away from other instances of poor or questionable operations within its purview – possibly even including ballots and the conduct of elections?

  • Mike Rollins

    Corruption, and incompetence at the Board of Elections goes well beyond Kando. It has been festering for too many years. Way past time to clean house, and totally start over!

    • Mike Rollins

      The so-far unasked question is exactly who has been responsible for keeping Kamdo in his position, in spite of Kando’s many failings.