With H7700 RI General Assembly Goes After Your Fixtures


Think of all the challenges you have living in Rhode Island and contemplate what might ease them some.  How far down on your list would you put the following?

  • The water flow from my shower is too strong.
  • My lamps don’t operate efficiently enough.
  • My toilet flushes with too much force.
  • My appliances don’t have an additional cost added to them for stringent testing just for Rhode Island.
  • The state Commissioner of the Office of Energy Resources is too powerless to enter businesses and test their appliances.
  • My plumber or electrician can’t be fined for installing the appliances that I choose.
  • The commissioner can’t add new efficiency standards for any product that he or she chooses without getting authorization from my representatives.

If you think these matters are important, then go ahead and support the genius legislators who have sponsored H7700.  They are:

  • Arthur Handy (Democrat, Cranston)
  • Kathleen Fogarty (Democrat, South Kingstown)
  • Jeremiah O’Grady (Democrat, Lincoln and Pawtucket)
  • Mia Ackerman (Democrat, Cumberland and Lincoln)
  • Daniel McKiernan (Democrat, Providence)