With Reports of Ballot Machines Breaking Down Around the State…


… why should we be surprised that a state that can’t direct traffic, can’t implement a new DMV computer system for a decade, and can’t make a new $365,000,000 welfare program work out of the gate would be able to change voting technology without some glitches.  So, as with the Unified Health Infrastructure Project (UHIP) debacle, leaving people waiting in line for days and not receiving payments, we have people waiting in line to vote and having to leave their ballots in an open box.  (That’s after a surprise week of heavy “early voting” during which no IDs were necessary.)

I’ve wondered whether the the state’s ruling elite finally allowed the elimination of the vote-for-one-party “master lever” option on the ballot because they were confident they had the whole electoral process more or less locked up anyway.  If we’re going to have a system that’s rigged to the core — down to the fundamental assumption that government policy should be built around vote buying — we might as well have elections that feel like something out of a third-world country.

At least the nature of our government system will be unmistakable.

  • Mike678

    Old Dead Commie: It’s not the votes that count–it’s the person that counts the votes.