Wow, Looks Like Chair of RI Democrat Party Egregiously Lied About Return Rate of State Pension Plan


From Michael Riley’s informative and disturbing column in GoLocalProv this week:

According to [RI Democratic Party Chair Joseph] McNamara the last 5 years Rhode Island earned 9.3% in its pension plan. I was shocked to hear that and wondered where he got that “talking point” from. Never mind, let’s just go to Seth Magaziner’s RI Treasury website.

The five year rate of return for the state pension plan was actually 5%, a far cry from 9.3%. Why did Mr. McNamara tell such a whopper?

  • GaryM

    I’m beginning to understand that to Progressives, telling a bold face lie is little more than political strategy, not a dishonorable act. When the news is bad, don’t spin it, just lie.

    RI residents went through almost 12 months of the State Planning Office telling everyone that taking HUD money under RhodeMap RI would not create a legal obligation for any town similar to what happened to Westchester, NY, and now, Baltimore:

    That was a lie told by now retired Planning Director, Kevin Flynn, et al.. Even when Flynn testified before the House Oversight Committee in April 2015, when asked about the HUD connection and legal obligations under RhodeMap RI, he avoided exposing his previous lies by answering Rep Michael Chippendale with this statement: “I don’t think it’s fair to ask me what HUD would do!”

    This from the official State Planner.

  • Mike678

    The ends justify the means. The end, of course, isn’t a great state–it’s their maintaining political power.

  • ShannonEntropy

    I have the misfortune to have Joe Mac as my rep in the Statehouse — District 19 // Warwick-Cranston

    He hasn’t even had an opponent in the last three elections so he really duzn’t care about what even his constituents think about him ,, let alone you Monique

  • Raymond Carter

    So what. Democrats have lied to the state for 82 years and the suckers kept, keep and will keep voting for them. Even after cars get tolled.
    Tommy Cranston

    • ShannonEntropy

      What if there is no other name on the ballot to vote for ??

      That is the situation I keep finding myself in every election with Joe Mac

      BTW & FTR ,, he tends to hang out at my polling place the Aspray Boat House in Pawtuxet Village in Warwick so I have met him several times and he is a likeable glad-handing pol much like Hitler was kind to children & animals

      Maybe I will start writing in Robert Healey’s name on my ballot. Remind me to tell you about the time Robert offered me The Cool Moose Party’s US Senate Seat nomination when they were still automatically on the ballot