Wrong Direction Rhode Island: Employment

By capitulating to progressive-union pressure, and despite disingenuous claims that no broad-based taxes were imposed, Ocean Staters will once again bear increased burdens to pay for new taxes and regulations, more spending, and more union giveaways. Lawmakers chose to appease, rather than resist, the progressives’ job-killing, big-spending agenda.

We’ll have a more in-depth look at this situation in the near future, but the shock of the news justifies a quick post all on its own: According to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT), the unemployment rate actually went up in August.  While the country as a whole improved from 10.2% to 8.4%, Rhode Island slipped from 11.3% to 12.8%.

That’s despite the fact that the labor force went down.  When the labor force decreases, the unemployment rate can often go down because people who aren’t looking for work at all simply aren’t counted.  But in August, 15,700 Rhode Islanders stopped looking for work.

Consequently, the increase in the unemployment rate came from the 22,100 new people who weren’t employed.  This is after the state started opening up from Governor Raimondo’s COVID-19 lockdown and as the federal subsidy for staying unemployed went down  some.

This is a terrible, terrible sign of the direction of the state, post-COVID.  I wrote, yesterday, about the opportunity to leverage a crisis in order to change for the better.  One wonders how many Rhode Islanders are deciding that means they should move their talents and labor somewhere else.

  • Lou

    Can’t you humor us with your phony “freedom” unemployment index, or doesn’t that work anymore with the Trump economy in the crapper?

    Based on the link cited, where do you find support for your claim of “15,700 Rhode Islanders stopped looking for work”?

    • ShannonEntropy

      Justin, Loo is right. Employment is booming here, you just don’t know how to read facts and figures

      • Lou

        Apparently neither do you if your non-answer is any indication.

        • ShannonEntropy

          Justin says our unemployment is up and getting worse. You disagree

          So that means you must think employment is booming here

          Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see who is right

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Odd place to put this, but has anyone else noticed the disappearance of the “gallon”. As most everyone knows, that is 128 fluid ounces. Yesterday I bought a “gallon” of milk labelled 127 fluid ounces. today I bought some pre mix fuel for may chain saw (to avoid ethanol) I noticed that “gallon” 110 fluid ounces. My hardware store guy tells me that paint is no longer a gallon, haven’t checked.

    • ShannonEntropy

      This “shrinkage” phenomenon is the real reason why inflation has been so low over the past decades

      A “pound” of coffee went from 16 to 14 to the current 12 ozs, same price tho so in monetary terms the item has contributed zero to inflation

      Same with most candy products: a candy bar is half what it used to be, same price

      I expect that if they can ever convince us that 10 eggs is a “dozen” we’ll see it there too

      p.s. a “gallon” of paint is now 126 fl oz / 3.72 L

      • Lou

        Come on, man…low inflation is a function a smaller packaging? You folks are so gullible, no wonder Fox News has a field day manipulating your anger.

        • ShannonEntropy

          You obviously donut understand how the CPI is calculated , which is the basis of inflation figures

          But you donut understand a lot about a lot of things, which is why your arguments are to logic what the Donner Party was to fine dining, so you can be forgiven

          Allow me to explain: if a say can of coffee doesn’t change prices but there’s less in each can, it counts as zero change in the CPI. It’s not the entire basis, but it throws a monkey wrench into the overall calculation which pushes the final figure downward

          Class dismissed !! Assigned reading for next class:

          The Sept 2nd edition of the Federal Reserve Beige Book


          • Lou

            You might want to understand what you are talking about before you post an irrelevant link and pretend to know what you are explaining.

            This is actually what you are trying to explain (no, it’s not a link to the Feds the Beige Book):


            You might want to pay particular attention to “A basket of goods is a constant set of general goods produced in an economy whose prices are tracked over time.” If you are naive enough to think the marketers are putting one over on the Feds because of repackaging…well, keep watching Fox News. You just proved my point.

          • ShannonEntropy

            And you just proved mine…

            A basket of goods is a constant set of general goods…

            That would include a “pound” can of coffee that keeps shrinking but the price stays the same

            Thanks for the help, Loo !!

          • Lou

            It’s clear in addition to not understanding how the CPI is calculated you don’t understand the meaning of constant. How can constant be a moving target of your imagination? To put this to bed and for you to declare defeat, I suggest you read this if you have the courage:


            It looks like they are on to your fantasy of changing package sizes. I think you’ll particularly not like the line “…one type, brand, and container size of cheese is chosen…” Game, set…match.

          • ShannonEntropy

            Again, your example proves my point

            “Cans of Coffee” fer ex usually come in standard containers. When the container shrinks but the price dozn’t… or duzn’t equal the same price per oz that the older container does, the effect warps the CPI

            Next year us social security recipients are expected to get a 1.5% increase in our benefits, based on the CPI. I can assure you that the same basket of groceries costs a LOT more than 1.5% than it did a year ago

            You go right ahead and live in your fantasy world; those of us who have to go out and buy stuff when the same dollars of groceries weigh a lot less than 1.5% than they did last year, have to live in the real world

          • Lou

            Is there something about the same container size that you don’t understand? Again, nothing in your post supports anything to do with the real calculation of the CPI. Keep believing your anecdotes and Fox News, I’ll stick to the facts.

          • ShannonEntropy

            Should I believe Lou or my lying eyes ?? Plus the fact that the BLS has been manipulating the CPI downwards for years if not decades is old news among economists


            In fact, it was a professor of economics who told me about the ‘shrinking coffee can & candy bar’ as one of the ways BLS does it. (( You may recall that I was on the faculty of a D-1 Ivy University for 24 yrs ))

            BTW, I guess you assume everyone on the Right gets all their news from Fox, the way you Lefties only watch Rachel Maddow & “Morning Joke” Scarborough

            In fact, altho the late Mrs Entropy was a huge fan of Fox in general and Laura Ingraham and Greg Gutfeld in particular, since her passing I only watch my fave host — Tucker Carlson — maybe once or twice a week

            I also get a lot of my news from the British newspapers… they do a much better job reporting on what’s going on here than our own MSM does.

            Heck, they even post the names of the winners of all our TV reality shows weeks before the final shows. Mrs Entropy was also a huge fan of a lot of those and *boy!* she never let me forget the one time I accidentally ‘slipped’ and revealed a winner to her