Pay Seventeen Tolls, and What Do You Get?

Tennessee Ernie Ford sold his soul to the company store, but Rhode Islanders are being asked to pay seventeen tolls in order to get a phony quasi-public half-a-billion in debt.

Pale People Got White Privilege

A parody to the tune of “Short People”: We don’t want no white privilege ’round here.

Governor Raimondo’s “Blank Check”

How could a proposed new statewide property tax that’s been given a nickname homage to a part-time-resident pop star not have a parody song?

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Little Towns, Big (Government) Guns

The events in Ferguson, MO have drawn widespread public attention to the increasing militarization of local police departments. It’s a topic that has been discussed amongst civil–rights minded folks for the last decade or so and has both national and local impact.

12/03/13 – Sales Tax Commission

Justin liveblogs another commission hearing on eliminating the state sales tax, this time concerning the state’s economic modeling of the proposal and alternatives from the Center for Freedom & Prosperity.

10/29/13 – Sales Tax Commission

Justin liveblogs from another meeting of the legislative commission to study the elimination of the sales tax.

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Thoughts on Millennials and Pope Francis and Finding Our Chapter in History

If Millennials have a particular connection with Pope Francis, it may have to do with their shared understanding (very possibly erroneous) that human society has moved on to a new chapter.

Thoughts on Property, Economics, and Catholicism

A discussion of the correct understanding of economics within Catholic teaching may hinge on the origin of our right to private property.

Thoughts on Kenneth Colston and Pleasurable (and Voluntary) Asceticism

Kenneth Colston traces the significance of Saint Francis and Franciscans in the works of Shakespeare, Manzoni, and Chesterton and applies them to Pope Francis.

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Balancing Moral Calculations: Checking in on Refugees and National Security

The issue of Syrian refugees may be of minimal practical consequence, in Rhode Island, but it’s an excellent case study in defining what actions morality requires of us.

Making the Rule of Law an Arbitrary Cage

Judges and a ruling class who discard the Constitution in order to impose their decrees force the people to consider whether the peaceable civic process ought to be discarded, too.

Satisfied with Gifted Hands

The modern West has shifted its goals too much to doing something worthy of a movie to the detriment of things that are simply worthy.

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