Last Impressions 40: The Chaos of a Correcting Culture

Not interested in Moore; Trump the drunken wrecking ball operator; and the needle that conservatives may be able to thread to social victory.

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Political Monday with John DePetro, No. 35: Handling Shootings and Voters

For my weekly call-in on John DePetro’s WNRI 1380 AM/95.1 FM show, this week, the topics were the Raimondo-Assumpico messaging struggle, Fung’s poll, and the Board of Elections’ admission.

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Last Impressions 39: Children of the Law

The sexist children of the General Assembly, blue states as a fleet of Titanics, Rand got God wrong, and a progressive contradiction.

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Edwin Portugal: Flags Down at Brown

Students disrespecting the American flag in a Veterans Day display require signage to explain their significance.

Little Towns, Big (Government) Guns

The events in Ferguson, MO have drawn widespread public attention to the increasing militarization of local police departments. It’s a topic that has been discussed amongst civil–rights minded folks for the last decade or so and has both national and local impact.

12/03/13 – Sales Tax Commission

Justin liveblogs another commission hearing on eliminating the state sales tax, this time concerning the state’s economic modeling of the proposal and alternatives from the Center for Freedom & Prosperity.

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“Privilege” for the Underprivileged

A Facebook video by “Woke Folks” explains privilege probably better than its authors intended or understand.

When Tanzi Harassed Dickinson

When people are rewarded for finding evidence of “isms” in their past, we move away from understanding and toward constant cultural warfare.

Boom! Wine & Spirits Sales Increased 21.4% After Sales Tax Cut

Imagine the parking lots of Rhode Island retailers filled with cars with Massachusetts license plates. New research from the Center, based on government data, shows that it is very possible. In the two years following the removal of sales tax on wine and spirits, the same level of economic stimulus, as projected by the Center by cutting the state’s overall sales tax, actually occurred! Now, there can be no doubt of our findings. The new research one-pager proves that Rhode Island would experience an ECONOMIC BOOM under a 3.0% sales tax.

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Surviving as the Sexual Revolution Cruise Ship Capsizes

Because it serves their political interest, progressives are capsizing the sexual revolution cruise ship, and if conservatives can keep our feet, we’ll find our ship is right-side-up when it’s done.

OMA-Abusing Complaint Against East Greenwich

Fresh off an open-government victory, left-leaning organizations overplay their hand to stymie the legal actions of duly elected officials in East Greenwich.

Motivation and Standardized Tests

American students require incentive to perform on tests… and in life.

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