​A Shameless Plug


This is a shameless plug. Two, actually. But it’s for two terrific organizations: the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity and the Gaspee Business Network.

So to start, check out the Center’s fun new audio ad here.

The ad references:

These are all proposed bills that have been introduced just this session at the General Assembly. With zero regard to their affordability to businesses in a state comprised of 80%-90% small businesses, most of which struggle to operate. In a state whose business climate is at all times either dead last or fiercely fighting for the position. In a state with a tax burden that just last week was ranked (RECOUNT! it can’t be this good) eighth worst in the country. Introduced by highly misguided legislators, few if any of whom have ever sweated making payroll every week.

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity is (unfortunately, yet thankfully) the last broad spectrum good government warrior still standing in the state. And the Gaspee Business Network is an upstart pro-business organization fighting anti-business legislation and mixing it in good at election time.

This is to suggest that you consider supporting one or both (yes, being pushy here!) organizations. If the awesome research (so many to choose from but one of my personal favorites is the report on the exorbitant cost and futility of the state’s pursuit of green energy) and educational work of the Center, not to mention the reasoned and unflinching voices of CEO Mike Stenhouse and Research Director Justin Katz, appeal to you, please go here to make a tax-deductable, one time or recurring donation.

If you’re more of an in-the-trenches person, please go here to join the Gaspee Business Network to participate in the fight where it is most important: at the Rhode Island General Assembly.

You need not fear retribution for doing so. Donations to both organizations are anonymous. (Political speech sometimes has to be anonymous, a tradition that reaches back to the founding of the United States and one that both organizations are proud to respect.)

Thank you for considering!