A Status Quo of Elitism


In this short video, I sit down for State of the State with John Carlevale to discuss the elitist attitude of the status quo in Rhode Island. When will the political class listen to the people of our state? For too long, the public policy debate has been one sided, and denied Rhode Islanders opportunity. The insiders want to keep increasing their big government policy, and refuse to hear other ideas. During the RhodeMap RI battle, the insiders refused to listen to citizens and put our homes at risk. Policy should be decided with many voices giving their input into the process. When many opinions are considered, we are able to craft more effective public policy. Rhode Island will have to change if our state is ever to become a place where people are free to achieve their dreams.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I need assurance. This evening I encountered a woman of slight acquaintance who was returning from a talk by a Holocaust Survivor at the Attleboro Public Library. She was beaming over the woman’s comparisons between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. Are my senses too refined if I object to a woman, who would not be a “survivor” but for the United States, coming to this country and making comparisons between Adolf Hitler and any presidential candidate? I might accept it if the candidate were wearing a Klan costume.
    Somewhat regrettably, I did not hear the actual comments. My “beaming” acquaintance stormed off as soon as I questioned the propriety.

  • inRIhell

    Because these so-called leaders know what is best for us lowly plebes, they keep the union bosses happy and to hell with the rest of us. However, the zombie democrat voters keep going to the polls voting the same ethically challenged “bosses” in who have to get a “taste” for themselves of any project going on this state, therefore, NO BUSINESS, NO CRANES IN THE SKY!