Back to School


Mark Zaccaria reviews (and laments) the political winds around the question of reopening schools.

  • Lou

    Mark, maybe you should forward a copy of the 10th Amendment to the White House. I don’t think the occupant has a grasp of its meaning. I’m very impressed that you made it through an entire segment suppressing your urges to mention the Governor. For that alone Justin’s providing a full Katz-DeVos Freedom voucher this week (of course, redeemable only at the Islamic School-Rhode Island).

    • Joe Smith

      I also think he doesn’t grasp that most Federal funding of education is Title and IDEA funding with specific earmark (and auditable) uses. Even if possible, giving the money to “parents” would only go to a specific group (and on an average basis would have very little ability for those parents to buy another education choice).

      But in his defense, that’s what Presidents do with their bully pulpit. Remember in 2015 Obama threatened Florida’s Medicaid agency, warning that the Feds may not reauthorize $2.2 billion in unrelated Medicaid funding unless the state agrees to expand Obamacare.

  • Joe Smith

    Mark – I don’t think many said that remote learning in the spring was as good as the inclass model, especially given it was sudden with little to no preparations by schools, no ability to expand technology on a dime, and hostage to the home environment (from tech to parental supervision) factors.

    But it was better than throwing in the towel and saying “see you in the fall.” It was like a lot of services – religious, tele-health, etc.. – good enough for some, satisfactory but still a bit lacking for others, and mostly disappointing for others.