Challenging The Progressive-Left

At the Center, we know that the high levels of taxation and over-regulation forced upon the people by an ever-growing state government is the main culprit in causing Rhode Island’s weak and stagnant performance. Look at it this way, heavy handed action by a state government that primarily seeks to perpetuate itself, actually works against the best-interests of the very people it is supposed to be serving. Instead of seeking to grow prosperity, government seeks to grow itself controlling more of our fates, and denying the real people of our state the ability to earn a living.
We also know that the progressive agenda is an assault on the human workplace. Indeed, the Ocean State is engaged in a battle of visions.The progressive agenda is transforming our home state – right before our eyes – into an anti-human-work hell. Their goal is to make a place where businesses face onerous regulatory and financial burdens, where worker attendance and productivity are compromised or replaced by automation, and where Rhode Island becomes a less attractive place for employers.
It is clear that the Ocean State needs a new direction, one that puts families first. A new coalition of reasonable voices is emerging to challenge the progressive-left with our Center in the lead. However, we believe that their vision will return during the 2018 session. Be on the lookout. Rhode Island is saddled with the 50th ranked business climate, 47th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), and 45th on the Family Prosperity Index (FPI). It will take bold leadership to stop it.
Contrast their regressive progressive vision with a positive, merit-based, market-friendly and pro-family vision of success and achievement. Rhode Island can be a place where more people realize a better quality of life, because more and better businesses are free to create more and better jobs so that more of our people can engage in meaningful, soul-fulfilling work. It is up to you.