COVID-19: A Plan To Restore Financial Security to RI


In these trying times, with well over fifty thousand Rhode Islanders recently laid-off, common-sense public state-based policy can help mitigate the destructive economic impact of the Rhode Island COVID-19 crisis … and can help restore a sense of normalcy and financial security.

We need your help to tell lawmakers you want them to take action.

We’re not helpless! State lawmakers must find a way to get back in the saddle, demonstrate calm and deliberate leadership, and consider emergency legislation to help our citizens and businesses lead the way back.

The full-list of policy ideas can be viewed here.

While Rhode Island’s governor is asking for the public’s trust, state leaders must place their trust in the power of the American people!

Business innovation guided by the free-market system is the only driving force that can lift Rhode Island out of this severe economic crisis.

Please take action now by clicking here to let your legislators know that they can help the people of our state!