District 13 and RI Progressives’ Political Game


When asked (as on John DePetro’s 1540 WADK show, on which I appear weekly… Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m., now), I’ve pointed out that now-District-13-Senator-elect Dawn Euer hasn’t necessarily seemed progressive in the news.  Here’s a snippet from Derek Gomes’s Newport Daily News article on her electoral victory:

“Tonight’s win is a win for everyone who believes that we need to do more to create good-paying jobs and help our small businesses thrive,” Euer said in a prepared statement. “Who believes we deserve a government that is transparent and accountable to the people it serves. … The voters have shown that people matter and that every vote (is) important. Now more than ever we must encourage people to get involved, to be a part of their community and to do their part to help make a difference.”

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Job creation.  Government transparency.  The public might be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t really that much difference between her and Republican Mike Smith on such issues, which Smith reinforced by tweeting: “Congratulations, Dawn Euer! I hope you focus on helping small businesses and on keeping families in our community.”

On the most recent Political Roundtable Bonus Q&A from Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR), reporter Ian Donnis asked progressive state representative Teresa Tanzi, “Has state spending got out of control.”  Her response?  “I would have a hard time disagreeing with that.”

Rather than press the far-left legislator on this stunning revelation that she thinks our government spends too much, Donnis let her take the escape hatch of focusing on one area of spending that she’d like to see reduced (and filled in with other spending), but she illustrated the point well.  Progressives are happy to mislead the public about their ideology.

So, in District 13, we had Planned Parenthood spending over $16,000 to mail Newport residents to warn, most likely, that the far-left agenda would be threatened if Euer didn’t win, thus motivating her radical base.  Then we have the candidate herself, spending almost as much, using buzzwords and ambiguous statements to seem like a reasonable, mainstream person.

Whoever writes the photo captions for the Daily News perfectly illustrated the execution of this political manipulation.  A photo on page A7 shows Euer hugging Representative Lauren Carson, with Euers campaign manager to the right and to the left, Kate Brock, a “friend.” Anybody who’s followed Rhode Island politics for more than a couple of years should know that Kate Brock is a professional activist inhabiting that area where labor union interests and progressive advocacy overlap.

Those who want to know whose interests Euer will advance in the Rhode Island Senate should look to her “friend.”  In a decade or so, if they want to know whom to blame for the condition of the state, no doubt the progressives and news media will have plenty of bogeymen to promote as an alternative to the obvious.

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  • Martha Stamp

    Mike Smith was also thinking about families keeping them here and not exiting the state. He lost but gained a lot of friends because he is Not about killing babies.
    Now Dawns party does a lot of talking for many years about business yet they do the opposite. Spending is out of control yet they just go along to get along.
    We all will be watching that’s for sure that’s also for Carson and Tanzi and the rest of the progressive liberal that are all talk and voting the opposite way.
    Many of us watched this election and really learned a lot.