Emily Cuellar: Pro-Life Hispanics in Providence to Look Elsewhere for Leadership

Mayor Elorza's comments only served to illustrate his ignorance—as abortion is not a religious issue. It is an issue that pertains to human life.

Dear Mayor Elorza,

My name is Emily Cuellar, and I am a Hispanic 23-year old woman who has lived in Providence my entire life. I first want to thank you for all the positive things you have done for Providence. I remember the feeling of joy when I found out we had a Hispanic mayor, but that all went away on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019.

I was at the State House from 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. listening intently to every single testimony. I’m not sure if you actually looked around at everyone who was there, but 90% of our fellow Hispanic brothers and sisters present at the hearing were pro-life, so I do not appreciate you using your authority to misrepresent both myself and our community. I would also like to point out that at least 70% of the youth and young adults present, who are current and future Rhode Island voters, were pro-life. I hope this helps you realize the horrible mistake you made in your testimony.

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The main point in your testimony was that a woman’s right to choose what happens with her body and over her body should take precedence over people who believe abortion to be morally wrong. I actually wrote my philosophy thesis on pro-life feminism, where I explained the history of feminism, as well as providing unbiased arguments from both sides.

Ironically, I ended up writing more on pro-choice arguments, so don’t assume this is just another letter from an “ignorant” religious pro-life person. I care deeply about women and help lead a women’s empowerment ministry, but since when does the luxury of choice come before the necessity of life?

“Abortion granted in the name of women’s privacy and reproductive freedom, [confirms] the view that pregnancy and children are a women’s private individual responsibility” (Charles E. Curran). Permitting the choice to be in the hands of the woman has a domino effect on parental and communal responsibility. In many cases, a woman chooses to have an abortion even though the father desires to keep the child, but what about if the father doesn’t want the child and the woman chooses life? Is now the father forced to participate in child support? Under pro-choice reasoning, if the father didn’t want the child, shouldn’t he be exempt from the burdens of fatherhood?

There is a huge inconsistency in the responsibility and decision-making because it is solely granted to the woman. This system is highly relativistic and has absolutely no overall standard of morality.

You seemed to be proud that Providence ranks in the top five cities for equality, but where is the equality for those in the womb? A woman’s stomach does not mask the fact that there is a pain-feeling, heart-beating, living child. You stated in your testimony, “What does this mean for the most vulnerable here in Providence?”  Does it mean that we are OK with tossing the most vulnerable away and letting those who are stronger choose their destinies? Is that really equality?

You also claim that if the abortion laws are reversed it will inevitably lead to illegal and unsafe abortions. Well, since murders still happen even though it is illegal, why not make it legal? At least murderers won’t have to worry about hiding the bodies and families will be able to have a proper burial. Speeding is illegal, but why not just take away all the speed limits since people speed anyway?

This is clearly absurd. People will always go against the law, but that doesn’t justify the killing of babies, especially to the extent of this bill, which would allow abortions up until nine months. Late-term abortions are inhumane and never necessary!

Both sides will always have a lot to say, and my letter only touches the surface of some very important issues and moral questions. I’ve noticed that pro-choice politicians always try to dodge this question, but I want you to honestly ask yourself without changing the subject: Is it wrong to kill a viable child, even moments before he or she is born, and do you really want to be responsible for that?

The relativistic ideologies and inconsistency in your testimony has caused myself and many other Hispanics to withdraw our support for you. I truly wish the best for you, your fiancé, and your beautiful son who has been blessed with the gift of life, but just know that we will be looking to new people to lead and properly represent us in the government.

  • ShannonEntropy

    I actually wrote my philosophy thesis on pro-life feminism…

    What fricken school did you go to ??

    Obviously not Brown, where your advisor would no more approve a pro-life thesis than he would one arguing Hitler should have won WWII

  • ShannonEntropy

    So I checked… turns out Ms Cuellar attended Salve Regina

    I forgot there was actually a Catholic college here. PC duzn’t count: they are Catholic in name only and are no more likely to approve a pro-life thesis than Brown

    The only pra-blem with Salve is it costs $60K a yr to go there; so Emily prolly took out $360K+ in student loans to spend six yrs getting a masters in fricken PHILOSOPHY

    Now she can ask the Big Questions—
    like What is the meaning of life ?? Critique of Pure Reason or Aenesidemus ?? or the ever-popular Do you want fries with that ??