Governor Extends State of Emergency Without Supporting Data – Take Action Now!


RI’s curve is approaching ZERO! States across America are opening without problem, protesters are allowed large gatherings, jobs and the economy are booming nationally… yet, our RI summer remains locked down. Why?

The Governor has just extended the “state of emergency” and the General Assembly has failed to act on its authority to end this madness, sitting idly by while the wreckage continues to mount.

Unless the Governor’s arbitrary edicts are immediately reversed, the economic and societal wreckage that will result … will be incalculable, with a devastating impact on our state for years to come.

In addition to the tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders being laid-off from work, many dozens of important and traditional summertime activities have been arbitrarily outlawed by Governor, without legal authority … and without any supporting data or science.

We need you to take action now by clicking this link and saying on the next page in a loud voice, “WE WANT OUR SUMMER BACK … IT’S OUR CHOICE!”

  • Lou

    Glory Days, your message loses a bit of its impact when you have been running around like Chicken Little for years every time the Governor gets out of bed in the morning. You might want to lay off a bit on the drama.

  • ritaxednorep

    We need a two party state. Quickly.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Remember when all our health care professionals told the lock-down protesters that they were going to “kill Grandma” by not social distancing ??

    Now those same people are out marching in the streets with tens of thousands of BLM protesters. They knew the whole lock-down thing was a buncha bull from the very beginning

    And I would remind everyone that even tho the official quarantine period is 14 days, the actual infection-to-onset-of-symptoms is typically five days with the Kung Flu. The “Pink Floyd” protests have been raging for nearly two weeks already… where is the surge they warned us about ??

    It ain’t happening; we already knew that it wouldn’t happen; and we also knew the lame-stream media wouldn’t get around to reporting on the lack of said surge, either

    The arrogance and hypocrisy of these people are beyond breath-taking

    • Lou

      So you are upset the “MSM” isn’t reporting on something that isn’t happening. Sounds reasonable. Are you sure this isn’t part of a greater conspiracy? I think health care professionals, tens of thousands of BLM protesters and the lame-stream media are all part of it.

      • ShannonEntropy

        The lack of a surge should be front page headlines, as it shows that everything we’ve been told about the Commie Cold is just plain wrong

        The fact that Tony Fauci has been wrong about everything he’s predicted in his 30-something year career should also be headlines… but what the MSM *doesn’t* report is just as biased as what they do choose to report on

        • Lou

          If you wish to draw those conclusions from anecdotal information regarding the (relatively few) protesters, feel free. The rest of us will wait for the real data.

          “Tony Fauci has been wrong about everything”? Isn’t he part of bringing in all of the “best” people?