Governor Moves Toward Even More Restrictions On 2nd Amendment; Please Sign Petition


As the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity wrote after the State of the State address, the assault on individual and Second Amendment constitutional rights under the Raimondo administration is worse than expected. Her new scheme is one more example of the Rhode Island political class giving into the far-left Progressive agenda. Rhode Island families deserve to be able to exercise their God given right to self-defense without excessive government interference.  

Instead of protecting and preserving our individual freedoms, the Governor is expanding the attacks and infringements on those seeking to exercise their constitutional right to defend themselves. Now is the time to demand better government, not more restrictions on honest citizens.  Click Here to sign a petition demanding exactly that from our elected officials
This “crystal ball” approach of justifying government infringement because something “might” happen must end!

  • Jimmy Adams

    So she wants to remove our individual right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our homes, while at the same time, declaring RI to be a sanctuary state and allowing undocumented/illegal people into our neighborhoods. Succinctly stated, she’s taking our rights away, while giving people who are here illegally more rights and social benefits. I cannot believe she was re-elected. . ..