Happy New Year from the Center! How to Start Winning Conservative Victories in 2019.

Happy New Year from everyone at the Center! Do you want to start winning conservative victories in 2019? It is my view that conservatives in our state MUST boldly and relentlessly stand for the core values that have always bonded Americans together, and translate those values into kitchen-table issues that benefit families.
Our vision is based upon the core values of love of country, freedom of religion, self-sufficiency, and preservation of the individual rights granted by God to every American, as defined in our constitution. We will be working to spread this message everyday in the new year, and with your help it can begin to have an impact sooner than later.
Here is the proof: In the Florida gubernatorial election, conservative Ron DeSantis won by a razor-thin margin of 33,000 votes. It was later determined that he earned over 100,000 more votes than was expected from a constituency that hardly ever votes for conservatives… black women!Why? Because DeSantis campaigned for better educational opportunities for the children of these and all caring families via his support of school choice – a policy position that empowers parents, improves educational outcomes for their children … and produced a conservative VICTORY!
We need to shake-up the status quo with a clear freedom-based vision about how school choice – and a number of other conservative policy positions across a broad range of issues – can actually enhance people’s lives. Only then can Rhode Island be a state where families can achieve their hopes and dreams.
By contrast, the progressive-left vision calls for a divisive and regressive agenda. In 2019, be confident that it is WE who hold the unifying and moral high ground.
Live free and prosper in 2019!

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Perhaps if conservatives could buy the rights to the quickly disappearing ad for Elizabeth Warren which shows her drinking firewater, then play it over, and over, again.

  • Joe Smith

    Comparing Florida’s choice situation to RI is lazy analysis.

    Florida has seen enrollment increases in both traditional and schools of choice; hence the “competition” is less zero-sum. RI over the past 8 years has seen a flat student enrollment with an increase in charter/state school enrollment – hence charters gain at the expense of traditional. (RI private school enrollment is down over the period so it’s not as if overall student population (even accounting for the growth in homeschool).

    20% of FL charters are for-profit with lax oversight and local political advocacy equal in some cases to the union. RI charters are non-profits. It’s not difficult to see for-profit charters backing a GOP candidate. The local charters don’t muster much political advocacy muscle and they certainly don’t have parents that come out as single issue voters on school choice against the status quo democratic majority. Why – because they don’t have to do so because of the biggest difference.

    The biggest difference is Gillum as the (D) was fairly “anti-choice.” In RI, are the “D”s anti-charter? Hardly. As noted, under Raimondo (and Elorza), charters have expanded with their support. The LtGov has made part of his brand as the charter school guy. The Democrat filled Board of Ed when confronted with obvious cheating by a charter school barely gave it a slap on the wrist and only because of heat from Linda Borg.

    In other words, the current crop of “Dems” in RI are basically choice supporters or at worst, choice neutral. Why do you think the NEA has switched to running folks at the local level?

    And area where the GOP should have some strength – South County, Western RI – those are the districts being killed the most by the funding formula cuts and declining enrollments where losses to choice schools hurt since many of those losses are not the poorer/disadvantaged students but the just the white, non-FRL kids whose parents think they are getting a subsidized private school-like break. In other words, Elorza can support charters because Providence is getting subsidized for taking on charters; the more traditional GOP areas are getting slammed to raise local property taxes even more due to the dual cuts of state aid and the imbalance between cost of charters/marginal savings gained.

    Maybe if more progressives in the pockets of unions rise up here, they perhaps, like Gillum, might change the situation to more like Fl. Until then, suggesting the recent FL Governor’s race has some lesson learned for RI GOP regarding school choice is highly problematic.