Heavy-Handed Totalitarian Measure Seen as Preemptive Strike to Force Truckers to Pay Future Tolls

In a heavy-handed edict, reminiscent of soviet-style totalitarianism, the state of Rhode Island considered restricting the free-flow of goods and commerce by restricting trucker traffic on secondary roads this week. Thankfully after advocacy from Rep. Mike Chippendale (R-Foster, Coventry, Glocester) and public pressure from the Rhode Island Trucking Association, this measure was narrowly stopped. However, the State Traffic Commission, at the request of RIDOT, is likely to reexamine this issue very soon. When the power of government is turned against its own citizens, especially when for petty political payback purposes, we all should shudder at this infringement on our liberties.
This is truck toll tyranny. It is an obvious preemptive attack against the Rhode Island Trucking Association by the State in a blatant attempt to force truckers to pay future tolls. The dishonesty of the State – in claiming this outrageous move is to preserve the safety of roads – is nothing more than government bullying of a political opponent. This restriction of free-commerce and the free movement of goods is something you would expect to see in soviet socialist countries, not in America.
Typical of the status quo thinking in the Ocean State, this failed culture of ever increasing government control runs in direct opposition to the rich history of America. Our country has led the way in demonstrating how economic freedom was able to increase human prosperity and raise standards of living in countless ways over the past 200 years, to levels never before achieved in the history of our world.
Everyone can see that there has only been one way of doing things in Rhode Island for too long. We have all know the terrible results of the insider system. I encourage you to speak out, often and loudly, on the issues that affect your family. There are better solutions than the constant political bullying in Rhode Island. Demand that our elected officials take responsibility for improving the prosperity of families in our state. Your voice is powerful, and can change things in the Ocean State. We cannot afford to wait.

  • Raymond Carter

    This is a state where most people think hiring thousands of $100K babysitters for “pre-K” is economic development.