Holding Back The Regressive Left

Rhode Island is in desperate need of leadership that will step up and take the Progressive agenda head-on. For too long, the far-left has schemed to take the people of Rhode Island backwards. They want to move us further away from the pro-family and pro-business reforms our state desperately needs.
If, and this is a big if, the Speaker decides to be a true firewall, as he publicly states, and not a leaky dam, as has often been the case… then our state will be better off with him opposing the regressive-left agenda.
The regressive-left wants to place further burdens on employers and envisions that many Rhode Islanders should dream no higher than survival at some meager, government-defined level of existence.
In the future, if the Speaker holds true to his public statement to the effect that an extremist regressive minority should not control the state, he would then be the best choice for Speaker. He must be much harder on the regressive-left than he has been so far, stopping their policies and advancing the free market policies that can help our state. He must be much more publicly opposed to the Progressives.
Under thoseĀ conditions, conservatives across that state could then be willing to support the Speaker.
P.S. Check out this great new organization for women interested in getting setup inĀ Rhode Island.

  • Joe Smith

    “could then”.. I mean, there are what, 9 GOP members in the House? Holding out for the “if” seems a little naive to the reality of the environment. The Speaker is probably not going to be warm to those who publicly in his party spoke against him – great opportunity (for now until the GOP can reform itself) to show up in support of the Speaker to get even just a couple of items perhaps moved through.

    Beggars can’t be choosers when the beggars are basically irrelevant in the group. Doesn’t mean total submission, but let’s not act like the RI GOP has any leverage except a “common enemy” with the Speaker.

  • BasicCaruso

    What’s funny is that this guy actually lectures the rest of us on public decorum.

    Why can’t we get along? Um, is it that you and your organization routinely hurl invective and ad hominem attacks at those who disagree with you? Nah, must be something else.