House Vote Tuesday – Would Inflict Extremest Global Warming Measure on RI


On Tuesday, the Rhode Island House will be voting on H5445A.  It would mandate the reduction to zero of greenhouse gases in Rhode Island.  While the deadline in the bill is 2050, the real deadline is five years from now, at which point, the lawsuits can start.  From the bill:

The Rhode Island attorney general, any Rhode Island resident and any Rhode Island corporation, company, organization, nonprofit or other Rhode Island legal entity or organization registered with the Rhode Island secretary of state may bring a civil action to enforce this chapter.

Click here, courtesy UpriseRI, for the case in favor of the bill.

Nowhere in that article or anywhere has there been offered any science or evidence that this most drastic of measures would have any impact whatsoever on global warming nor has there been remotely adequate disclosure about the ludicrous cost of bringing it about (converting every house and building in the state to electric-only heating and AC) or the impact on our power supply of changing the grid over from a reliable, constant fuel source to an unreliable, intermittent one (routine rolling blackouts) while simultaneously adding enormous demand to it or the impact (sky-rocket) on residents’ and businesses’ electric bills of being compelled to purchase power only from renewable energy sources.

In the presumably deliberate absence of this information, accordingly, combined with our observation of the experience of other states who converted even a small portion of their grid to renewables, we can assume the worst on all of those fronts.

If you, like so many of us, do not think this is a good idea, feel free to share your concerns with your state representative before Tuesday.

  • ShannonEntropy

    We must always “follow the science”

    You right-wingers always seem to “forget” that waaaay back in 2009, Al Gore accurately predicted that the polar ice caps would be totally melted by 2014, and that all polar bears would by then be extinct, having sweated to death on the sun-soaked sandy shores of Antarctica:

    You also seem to forget that tiny Li’l Rhody, with just over a million residents, emits way more green house gases by April 1st than such eco-friendly giants like India and China do in a decade… and combined they have 3 billion citizens — that’s Billion with a “B” !!!

    So an extra half-buck a gallon is a small price to pay to save our planet. And maybe our leaders aren’t the bumbling morons this house bill H5445A makes it appear them to be. Maybe their devious plan is to get all of us to move to China, where we can use the emissions-free electricity produced by their 165,300 coal-burning power plants. SCIENCE, people !!