James Mageau: Against Political Kneeling


It’s time for the people of Rhode Island to demand that Governor Gina Raimondo and her left-wing colleagues explain why the white people and others in this state are expected to fall on their knees to apologize for something they did not do. Why should anyone apologize to a bunch of subversives in “Black Live Matter” who were not subjected to slavery?

Of course, there are radical left-wing crackpots who have convinced themselves that they will sleep better by conforming, but not in my house. The only person I genuflect in front of is Jesus Christ!

Why is Raimondo so willing to ignore the approximately 360,000 Union soldiers who were killed in the fight to free the slaves during the Civil War? Why are they also willing to ignore the approximately 40,000 black soldiers who were killed?

It is disgusting and irresponsible that the radicals would not respect the Republican President from that time, a white man who sacrificed his life for the African American slaves. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a Southern sympathizer, because he freed the slaves. Now the anarchists desecrate his memorial!

Anyone responsible enough to do the research will know that “Black Lives Matter” is a Marxist subversive organization. The leader of its New York City chapter said on TV last week that if they don’t get what they want they’ll burn it down! Maybe one of the weak-kneed liberals on his/her knees apologizing for something they didn’t do will tell us what they intend to burn down!

Governor Raimondo and her Democrat colleagues’ behavior is an embarrassment! She owes an apology to every Rhode Islander of a different ethnic origin for elevating the demands of Black Lives Matter and surrendering our culture and history to them!

  • Lou

    I enjoy a good alt-right rant as much as the next guy, but this is special. Can someone translate why the writer thinks the Governor is responsible for “white people” being “expected to fall on their knees to apologize”? I gather it’s somehow related the Governor’s role in the Civil War and not respecting a Republican President (well, that part I can understand) and wanting to burn something down and apologizing to every Rhode Islander of a different ethnic origin. Anyone…anyone? Good stuff!

  • Rhett Hardwick

    He does make the point that there is no talk of reparations for the families of Union soldiers killed. Fair is fair.

    • Lou

      Thank you for translating. Is that a thing now in white identiry politics, or did the author make it up? Apparently you both are not aware of this: “From the onset of the Civil War, the US government granted pensions to widows of men who died in service to the Union Army.”

  • Christopher C. Reed

    These faux-revolutionary cosplayers aren’t Marxists, unless you count Groucho. They swallowed some Gramscian ramblings ’cause it was cool in school so now they’re the vanguard of proletarian revolution? Riiight. Unemployed imbeciles have been periodically trashing inner city neighborhoods since 1965. *Yawn*. They’re protesting their lack of edumacation and prospects. Dem governors and mayors are content to let ’em run out to the end of the leash, right up to the edge of the moneyed zipcodes…Are the Koch Bros secretly funding this clown act to get the Orange Man Bad re-elected? That would be too clever by half.