Katz’s Kitchen Sink: #WeKnowBetterRI


As part of its 100-year anniversary self-promotion, the Rhode Island Foundation has been spreading around a video by Nail Communications that is slap-in-the-face offensive.  It begins by putting swear words in the mouths of children reading statements from (quote) actual Rhode Islanders; it tells Rhode Islanders to (quote) stop complaining and if they don’t have anything nice to say, well, be quiet.

Let’s be blunt, here.  Given Rhode Island’s parade of corrupt officials and its stagnant economy, we would be shirking our responsibility as citizens if we didn’t complain.  Now, if Nail Communications were to make another video about the view of Rhode Island’s insiders, it might go something like this.

[Advisory: In keeping with the original Nail Communications/RI Foundation video, the following contains bleeped swears.]

  • Monique Chartier

    This video is awesome! VERY well done! I only wish it were longer! Love the “cameo” by tee-shirt guy!

    What can we add to Justin’s list? “Don’t ask us to prevent fraud when we hand out social benefits.”

    “Don’t ask for accountability.”

    “Don’t ask to pay just once for good roads and bridges.”

  • Art

    Great stuff. I suggest we get really truthful here in the Ocean State and replace “Cooler and Warmer” with “Shut up, bend over, and pay your taxes.”