Last Impressions 45: Coming to Our Own Conclusions


Radical individualism, young conservatives’ political naivete, brain coupling, and disease in the social media city.

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  • Mario

    Maybe I should tell a story. It’ll be a familiar one, mostly because it happened here, and it actually happened twice. There used to be a place where you could go to watch a game called Jai Alai. As the game sagged in popularity, they decided to being in a few slot machines to subsidize the sport. I’m sure there were a lot of fans who thought it would be a good thing. The extra money would keep the game in business, right? It’s not like the place was turning into a casino, after all, but you need to be willing to tolerate some unsavory elements if you want to stay afloat. Sure there were some younger guys complaining, naïvely, that it was dangerous to put so much trust in a management group who didn’t actually like the sport, and that they would get pushed out in favor of what management really wanted, but those guys just didn’t see the big picture.

    Now Jai Alai, bolstered by the gambling revenue, is a sport sweeping the nation, and all of the compromises the fans made were entirely justified.