Last Impressions #52: Stable Pods and Unstable Metonyms


Justin Katz reports the (unfortunately) not Not Real News about “stable pods” at URI, reviews local conservative happenings in Rhode Island, and talks about the metonymic dogmatism of the Left.

WJAR, “Are college students in Rhode Island taking coronavirus rules seriously?”:

1978 “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” pod activates:

Body snatchers scream:

Trump rally coverage by John DePetro

Travis Rowley’s “Good Men” podcast

Tuesday morning prayer at the State House

Mike Stenhouse and Ken Block discuss the presidential debate

DePetro goes live and talks about the protester’s new journalist creds:

Tucker Carlson on Kyle Rittenhouse


  • Lou

    Is calling you out on your dogmatism worthy of deleting my comment? Anyway, it’s still my nominee for Justin’s Projection of the Week.

    • Justin Katz

      Sorry to burst your righteous-truth-teller bubble, but I don’t take your comments seriously enough to delete them. For some reason, it got caught up in an automatic spam filter, from which I’ve freed it.

      • Lou

        Thanks. As much as we disagree, I am appreciative of your commitment to allowing free speech.

      • Christopher C. Reed

        “This user is blocked”
        Not a bug it’s a feature.

        Why does the view out the window keep changing? One week it’s surfers at Eastons (?) next it’s the hurricane barrier…keep ’em guessing I guess.

        • Justin Katz

          Heh. Just the little quirky details I love in things I watch… changing scenery. I also like the idea that my office moves around the state, like the castle in Krull.