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Timely Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

Even after 150 years, the Gettysburg Address refocuses our attention away from a president and toward those who’ve sacrificed for the cause of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

One Brown Professor Who Gets Why We Should Listen (But Needs Reminders)

Brown Professor Ken Miller steps forward to instruct students about the importance of listening to opposing views (though his own past activism suggest the lesson has farther to go).

The Federal Government Shuts Down the Lively Experiment

Barricades blocking the Roger Williams National Memorial in Providence, Rhode Island, offer an early lesson of what can happen when we forget that the government and the people are not the same thing.

A Theory of Success; Confession

It’s easy to lump people into categories of their visible life circumstances, but life and luck aren’t so easily defined.

Making the News “Hub of the Community” a Place People Want to Be

In the intractable problem of a waning market for newspapers, the content producers have to reflect on what their doing, not just how the executives are managing the company.

“Romans were blinded to what was happening to them by the very perfection of the material culture which they had created.”

Eileen Power on the Fall of Rome – Selections from Chapter 1 of Medieval People: The decline of Rome preceded and in some ways prepared the rise of the kingdoms and cultures which composed the medieval system….No observer should have failed to notice that the Roman Empire of the fourth and fifth centuries was no [...]

“…they taste gall and wormwood…”

We live surrounded by people who do not hold themselves in high esteem, perhaps with good reason. These people want the equality of all men to be immediately and forthwith proclaimed; equality before the law is not enough for them: they long for a declaration that all men are equal in talent, sensibility, refinement, and degree of feeling. Every day that goes by without the triumph of this unrealizable leveling is a cruel day for these resentful creatures, who feel themselves fatally condemned to form the moral and intellectual plebs of our species. Left to themselves, they taste gall and wormwood…

How the Media and Culture Bedazzle the Population

Americans support conservative/Republican policies, but distortions in the media, entertainment, and cultural fields lead them still to prefer progressives/Democrats.

How Could Any Society Advance Like This?

Rules, rules, rules — whether for the experience of modifying houses, business activities, or Bob Plain’s arrest record — keep our community from realizing its potential.

Rhode Island Is Losing for Lack of Stories

Both Rhode Island’s languishing economy and the fading strength of its paper of record may result from a lack of hope and interest, which result from a lack of any real competitive battle for the direction of the state.

The Government Replaces God at Cranston West

A “Creed” banner to replace the banned “Prayer” banner at Cranston High School West replaces God with the government and a free people should find it deeply disturbing.

The Pope Allows the World to See the Face It Needs to See

Pope Francis has not revolutionized the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church (whatever a godless media might say). But maybe the tide has turned, and the world is seeing the face of the Church that it needs to see.

Things We Read Today (56)

Explaining curious sales tax results; explaining curious headlines about the Pope; wondering what helps the 99%; not thinking part-time jobs fit the bill.

You Know What a Community Wants by What It Does

The market-centric approach and the government-centric approach to developing an area are both ways to allow community input in development, but the latter speaks to what the locals want, rather than what a ruling class thinks they need.


Governor Lincoln Chafee: “It is with great sadness that we prepare to mark the twelfth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. To honor that day’s many victims, from Rhode Island, across the country, and around the world, I ask that Rhode Islanders observe a respectful moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. September 11, 2001.”

8:46 a.m.9:03 a.m.9:43 a.m. — At 9:57 a.m. twelve years ago, Islamist terrorists lose the initiative in the war they started — 10:03 a.m.One year ago.

Taking Responsibility for Somebody Else’s Disclosure

Linking the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity with the Republican Party may at some point backfire on the interests of entrenched local powers, such as the labor unions and the newspaper reporters mixed up with them.

Things We Read Today (55)

Chafee’s record; the many ways to spy on civilians; what a constitution is for; when the debate on health-plan abortion?; the “natural right” to work the land.

Arthur Christopher Schaper: Questions About Progressivism

The tenets of Progressivism, as pursued by President Barack Obama and Congressman Jim Langevin, appear to be of the sort that has caused the state of Rhode Island to regress.

Not to rain on everybody’s Chafee parade, but…

A symptom of Rhode Island & America’s problem: everybody’s first question after the Chafee announcement is the effect on politics, not on policy.